Seat from Duane Ballard!!!

What can you say this seat is so Rad! It has the Bride Of Frankenstein on it!!! She's the toughest chick ever and "The Monster Demands a Mate". Duanne sent over this pic and we should receive the actual seat next week so more pics to come. The colors and tooling speak for themselves and Duane is great guy. Thanks Duane!


Back from The El Diablo Run

So we all made it in one piece and only some minor burns (McGoo) and the bikes are all still in one piece. Only a few pics here but plenty more to come. The weather was amazing and the roads were horrible. 70+ on roads that are at best smooth like cobble stone makes for some crazy riding styles and sometimes ya think your trail riding. I know I have a different style but riding standing on your pegs thru pot hole infested blacktop slop feels somewhat like whoops just try and skip across the tops and keep the front end up. I now a rigid frame is just stupid through some of that but I don't know that a plush swingarm would really do much for ya on some of those craters! Thanks to all that came and here are just a few pics from the sober seconds.

Mitch does some amazing artwork!

Solo from Austin with CRUTCHES! Tough as Nails!

Jerry Lewis Son made an appearance on the run and made it the whole way! $350+ Thanks you very much!Great job Nick and I know more than a few guys thankful for your welding!

Who needs a hotel room when you have all this

Wes helping keep bikes runnin and on the road was a big help to many!

This helmet's paint job was very scary!

Brooks and Suzie made this thing look easy!

Mcgoo handing out some cash and Dice shoes by Big Island.

Here are some of the slackers trying to sober up for their rides home.


Jenkins is on It!!!

McGoo is out right now but his bike is all together and Andy Jenkins of Girl/Chocolate skateboards the hardest working guy we know did the paint. Its great and you gotta see it in person to really appreciate it he's amazing. I think this is the first motorcycle he has painted but I know he already has others trying to commision him to do theirs! Hey Larson whats up I got some tins when your ready to do this as well! Mcgoo builds his bikes for all the right reasons and doesn't let style alone determine his end result. 7/8" bars and with CR throttle and clutch to give it the dirt bike snap and way smoother than any plastic tube in your local harley shop. This bike fits him perfect and runs like a bike should. Atleast someone here makes smart decisions about what bike they ride. And oh yeah the red rocket kick stand, well that was Marty's idea and the first thing McGoo was certain was going on the bike!!!


First pipe kit on and almost ready for the EDR!!!

Ok so I put this exhaust together with my limited primitive tools and fairly quick. Its fun, frustrating, pretty simple and gives you ideas for other ways too. I kind of did these like this to show off the Exhaust Tips we are going to do which I will put on hopefully this week as soon as we get good pics of them. Kutty's bike and Max Schaaf's were kinda inspiration for this configuration. My welds are crap I didn't sleeve anything, I used a hack saw, home depot buzz box no gas, grinder and a chop saw on some. Not sure if I like them yet but they are growing on me. The carbs are too big! I need to get smaller ones but tht will have to wait til after the EDR!!!. Bill's bike is dialed and so is Hal's so I guess we're ready as we are gonna get. See ya in a couple days.


Growing Pains


Will miracles never cease? Biltwell exhaust kits and seat hinges are in stock. Biltwell handlebars (all styles and colors) should be in stock April 20. Jammer Cycle sells our pipe kits to local dealers, and should be willing to carry other stuff as it arrives. Our vendors have been mercilously slow to deliver first inventory. We screwed the pooch for showing any of it, but we're suckers for cool prototypes and we wanted to get our web site operational asap. Rookie maneuver--sorry for the tease.

Bottom line: everything we've created should be in stock by late summer, or so we've been told. Remember--our stuff is manufactured at approximately six different super skilled, really small job shops in Taiwan, so delays are inevitable.

Our growing pains have been monumental, but all of our friends, vendors, potential customers and dedicated end users have been SUPER understanding. We appreciate it, and we think you'll be as stoked as we are when the Biltwell parts and accessories you're looking for finally arrive.

In the mean time, here's a really short list of righteous retailers who have shown interest in selling Biltwell products:

Four Aces Cycle
Flyrite Choppers
Unit 1 (ebay store)

We talked to Wes at Four Aces and to Jason at Flyrite, and both guys said they're willing to give our stuff a shot. If you contact these retailers, you'll get the same or better customer service you'd get by calling us directly. That's because these guys have the customer service glitches we're still working on completely ironed out.

If you are a Custom Chrome or Jammer Cycle retailer, please contact your CCI/Jammer sales rep for exhaust kits—we shipped their first order today, so they will be in stock soon. Part# 632735

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.