Jenkins is on It!!!

McGoo is out right now but his bike is all together and Andy Jenkins of Girl/Chocolate skateboards the hardest working guy we know did the paint. Its great and you gotta see it in person to really appreciate it he's amazing. I think this is the first motorcycle he has painted but I know he already has others trying to commision him to do theirs! Hey Larson whats up I got some tins when your ready to do this as well! Mcgoo builds his bikes for all the right reasons and doesn't let style alone determine his end result. 7/8" bars and with CR throttle and clutch to give it the dirt bike snap and way smoother than any plastic tube in your local harley shop. This bike fits him perfect and runs like a bike should. Atleast someone here makes smart decisions about what bike they ride. And oh yeah the red rocket kick stand, well that was Marty's idea and the first thing McGoo was certain was going on the bike!!!

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Robinbiker said...

The motorcycle look so cool. I wonder if you can post your photo on my blog site http://bikerkiss.com/blog/harleyback? There are many local bikers there.