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Check it. Good stuff!


Slim Dumpers

Slim rules. Check these pipes he made for Clark's bike using the DIY Builder's Pipe Kit and Hollow Point exhaust tips.



Flatiron Mike, 2006. Just east of Ojos Negros, down in Mexico. I've heard a bunch of the bridges got washed out last week in the rain down there. The last six months or so sure have been pretty rough on the Baja. Can't wait to ride down in June. It won't be an EDR, that's for sure, but it should be a different kind of fun.


I *heart* Douche Larouche

Mark your calendar and get the unicorns and rainbows out!


Throwdown at the Brodown

Cincinatti, Saturday night, Feb 6th:

Here's the scoop: The V-Twin Expo is a tradeshow, so if you aren't a shop or in the industry in one capacity or another, your chances of getting in are kind of slim. Tradeshows are a necessary evil, usually long days of talking to dealers, pitching distributors, showing off product and lots of walking around shooting the bull with your buddies followed by long nights of binge drinking. To entertain ourselves, friends and dealers, we decided to throw a party across the street.

Our friend Matt Bischoff from Cinci has a nutty metal band called Dandelion Death and they put on one hell of a show. Think of them as a Do-it-Yourself Gwar meets the Village People. With strippers. Something like that at least. Also, two more bands: Banderas and Blacklight Barbarian will be rockin' the Mainstay Rockbar 'till long after midnight.

The cover is $5.00 but we'll be slinging a few VIP passes if you bump into us earlier in the day at the show. BTW, our booth number is 2739 so come by and say hi if you get a chance. Party starts at 8:00, Helmet Raffle at 9:00, first band 9:30. Cheap PBR's all night. If you are not going to the tradeshow and are a local rider who's interested in the party, by all means please feel invited.

Thanks to:


This Sunday in Dago

Ton up, son!

Boardtracker XS650

Here's an update on BHall356's XS 650 he is building. Check out the front end and tank. Cool stuff BHall!


Struts aren't for everyone, but if you want a burly solution to dropping your swinger, these things are about as nicely made as any you'll find. Check out how good they look on Baasman's sporty.

Orange Juice

More clean Jap chops, this time from Ramon. Check the orange CB he's been done with for about two years now. It's got a Dave Huntress custom frame, 79 fl front end with shaved legs, rear wheel of a Roadking, front used Harley, fatboy caliper and rotor, yamaha roadstar front fender flipped back, cyclexchange pumped up motor with big bore,cam, electronic ignition, and some other go-fast goodies, choppershox seat, blacksheep leather on seat. Custom pegs, foot controls, exhaust w/dropout, tank, and other fab work done by carl bozick. Oh yeah, some Keystones, too.


Biltwell Mobile

Nerd alert!

Since we launched the redesigned site in December, the blog hasn't really worked on mobile devices like iPhones. Now, when you go to the site you'll automatically get the .mobile version which will load the whole month's worth of blah, blah, blogs as well as the list of archives from previous months. Thanks to Rubbertree for the heavy lifting on this and the rest of the new site.

Exciting and New!

New! Really? I just posted that new "48" on here last week because I thought it was neat for a new bike, even if it is overpriced. Now this. This makes jumping on the FTF bandwagon so much easier. C'mon, Harley, WTF? This is the kind of thing that embarrasses me to be associated with motorcycles.

Bustastic Monday




Poached from the one and only.

Hello, Sunshine!

LB Swap was a little thinner than I expected today but still managed to find a few bits. Weather is fine for riding so I had to go burn around a while on the FXR UPR.

Hippy Killer Hoedown 2

Last year was great, this year is gonna be bigger and better. Mark 'yer calendar.


Givers are so much better than takers.
Thanks BA crew, and Pangea Andy.


Born Again

Picked up a fun project today. Our buddy Joel has this great old RevTech in a Paughco that needed some attention and I have a bunch of parts sitting around and no real project to use 'em on, so we're mashing 'em up. This is what it looks like this afternoon just pieced together, playing Mr. Potatohead with it. Yes, I know it needs a trans!

Chumps in Italy

Mario in Italy sent us some pics of the Chumps he installed on his Dyna Superglide Custom. Shouldn't you be riding Ducs instead of modifying Hogs?

Gwen Stefani

According to Ben Bird, Mr. Rose calls this engine Gwen Stefani with a Biltwell thong. OK? I guess if you squint when you look at it... At least that white powder coating is nuclear certified, and it's going in an FXR. Looks more like a stormtrooper to me.


New 2010 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight

Well, when I saw the name I was sure hoping for a Panhead with a springer. Oh, well. Didn't I just build this bike two years ago? Ha! Not like I was the first one to ever put a mid glide and 16" front on a sporty, but I had to say it. Not into the hairpin solo seat on a swingarm bike, nor the decorated bits like ventilated heat shields, but I think it's got a nice stance for a new bike and that flat bottom tank is sweetalicious.

Prized Possession

Teaching my son to burn things with a magnifying glass back when he was around five, we decided to melt an army man. He pointed that thing at the Joe's elbow and as soon as it melted and fell down into this position we both looked at each other and about died laughing. Nothing to do with motorcycles, but this damn mortarman still cracks me up every time I look at it.


Art of the Bike @ IMS NYC

James Willis from Art of the Bike will be displaying 5 custom Biltwell seats at the NYC stop of the Inetrnational Motorcyle Show. Visit Motorcycle Federation at booth #1041 to see them in person.

Royal Kustom Works

If you are looking for a painter/pinstriper in Holland, check out RKW.


Invisible Children

We don't do many posts like this, but this one is important and close to home.

Chase Community Giving is giving away a million dollars to anyone of a 100 "small" charities over the next few days. The criteria for winning is merely the most supporting votes on Facebook.

A few friends of ours run an organization called Invisible Children here in San Diego and they are currently in second place with two days left.

None of the finalist charities in the contest are focused on supporting Haiti, so the team at Invisible Children has responded to this crisis with a commitment to allocate $100,000 of the winnings, to a Haitian relief fund.

Therefore, if you could please take 10 seconds to vote here, you would be supporting an amazing cause and supporting the relief efforts if they win in Haiti:

The voting ends Friday and they are currently in second place by 800 votes.

Xtreme Charge

When a hoodie that Rik Mills @ Xtreme Charge ordered didn't meet his expectations he returned it for a refund and also sent us back this sweet battery charger. Hopefully we won't have to use it that much, but cheers to Rik for the hook up.

New Merch

Just got a couple new shirts in stock, and all sizes of hoodies are back on the shelves. Thanks to American Icon for hooking these up so quick. The blue shirt has real thin inks and doesn't feel like a wetsuit. We made this one just for you dudes requesting a shirt that isn't black. The Keep on Choppin' shirt has thin inks too (hard to do on a black shirt) and the gold is a fine metal flake.

I Need at Least One of These



Imperial House

Check the new work from Shawn at Imperial House.