It's Alive!

ChopCult lives, at least in beta form. We are considering August the shakedown month for the site. Like a freshly built motorcycle, it all looks good in the garage, but things change once you get it out on the highway and shit starts falling off!

There is a lot to absorb on your first visit. It is a full-on social network, but without all the cheesy MySpace backgrounds and terrible art, but it's also feature-packed with news, bikes, forum, classifieds and other good stuff.

The Classifieds section is something I'm really stoked about, it can be searched, filtered and sorted like crazy. If you have a small business making custom cycle parts, this can be a great resource for you to gain access to an international audience without spending anything but some time. Of course, it'll work great for selling used stuff and bikes as well.

The News is content we'll bring you from around the world, bike features, interviews, shop tours, etc. We'll try to set the tone for the site here by featuring things that we think are of interest, not just commercialized press releases and boring stuff. If you want to contribute bike features or anything else, contact one of us through the site and we'll help figure it out.

The BlogDump is a curated feed of our favorite blogs from around the world. Each one streams in as soon as the blogger hits "send" on his end. We don't edit a thing or ask any special concessions. You are free to comment as you feel the need and hopefully you'll enjoy getting your latest blog fix in one centralized hub.

The Forum. These things are what you make them. Contribute in a meaningful way and it'll be useful for others. Our moderation policy is pretty simple; we don't plan on closing threads, if something goes sideways, we'll put it in the "Junk Pile" and you can continue bitching about baggers, religion or whatever. Threads that should not be forgotten will be placed in the "Greatest Hits" sub-forum after they run their course so new people won't have to search for them so hard. Otherwise, it'll be self-policing. If you see something you don't like, call it like you see it and don't have thin skin when someone else feels differently.

Thanks to the charter advertisers who signed on when the site was nothing but an idea. We're not selling google ads, against recommendations from people smarter than us, we just couldn't stand the idea of Viagra and Punch the President ads running on the site. Expect ads that are relevant to you and not more annoying internet advertising clutter.

The whole enterprise is a do-it-yourself work-in-progress, so expect it to change and evolve as we all learn from it. Hopefully it can grow into a resource that is meaningful and can help you enjoy your machine and the scene that surrounds it more. If nothing else, there should at least be some pretty pictures of motorcycles and no one can bitch about that!


Leather Boards?

Check out this new Creature deck for Sam Hitz.
Truckalope Jay did the original leather and then it's been scanned,
printed on the board, etc. Sweet!



The Smokin' Gun's For Sale

I built this bike for EDR II, Billdozer and I split saddle time on it for the SOW II, then I sold it to finance god only knows what. Maybe it was the BMW G650 X-Country? In any case, my faithful Smokin' Gun is on the auction block. I won't say how much I sold it to the current owner for, but I will say this: it was WAY less than his $8k asking price. If you're interested in this bike and you need more info on its pedigree, drop me a line.

Shark Puncher Van 2.0

BF Josh is slowly making progress his love machine. He got the throttle linkage sorted out and some new graphics from Tyler over at Lowbrow. Next is some new meats and a total fluid enema. For the van. It's no Choppahead A-Team cruiser, DicE van or even Rouser's Mr. Groper yet, but the exhaust sounds wicked and it has solenoid doors, a tube grill, and count 'em, two stereos!

Almost Time Again. BONNEVILLE!

If you are a dealer get me your orders now so I can get them out before I leave thursday 8/06. I'll be gone for the week and will return on friday 8/14.

I can't wait for 5 am mornings, the sun coming up over the salt, the smell of race gas, the
stories from the vets, the sound of a bike flying down the course, seeing amazing contraptions of speed in line for hours just to get a shot of going faster than anyone before them and the anticipation everyone has as you get close to the starting line, sitting in the pits pulling parts, adjusting jets, gears, watching tech inspections and seeing whats under some of those streamlined salt rockets, just sitting and waiting, watching the starter as he listens to make sure the coarse is ready, knowing that jetting may change from early morning to late afternoon and trying to duplicate a run or better it. If you don't know just go and you won't be bummed. The Course conditions are sounding great so far. Thanks to the SCTA/BNI and all their hard work! I've been going for the past couple of years with Wes and Chuck running bike from Four Aces so go here to support their efforts.

SoCal Hensleys Wednesdays

Unofficial night to go ride your bike to Hensleys and see Joe Wood & The Lonely Ones


Philly Roll

Oh snap! I thought I had a shitty day today.
This is what Mark in Philly woke up to this morning.
I guess the sticker didn't scare 'em off.


I said Stripers not Strippers...

Looking to get some lines on yer lid?

Check out CaliCruiser who's pimpin' em for
Steve Havens Fine Pinstriping in Colorado Springs: Link


Remember When McGoo was a Giant?!?!

Ok well he was never a Giant and that bike is really next to him and its a real Harley we saw at MoonEyes a couple years back with 15" wheels on it. They had 2 like it and were crazy small. Stil think it was funny and a great bike too.

Hand Built Death Machines or house hold cleaners?

Which is gonna get you?!?! I just read this on Caleb's blog and thanks for posting this. Brew is a Great guy and I hope everything only gets better for him. Brew thanks for writing this.

Freak Out Vantastic Monday

Thanks to
Ricky for the tip on this one!

House Hunting in Baja

Pre Running Camp4Lo Baja Experience with Ron Brant from Biltwell Inc. on Vimeo.

So, while I have plenty of motorcycle work to be done, I said screw-it and went to Mexico for a couple days over the past weekend. Probably should blog more, or figure out Twitter, organize the warehouse, blah, blah, but I can't help but let real life take priority over that stuff.

Two old friends were heading down and I couldn't pass up the chance. My old high school buddy and EDR chase driver and Biltwell Bash BBQ-er, Matt is talking about starting a 4x4 tour down in Baja. Our old mentor and unstoppable hero, Ron Brant is making noises about cashing out and retiring down south of the border and hasn't really seen our favorite stomping grounds except through the cage of his race car at a blistering pace. Matt talked Ron into dragging his old preunner down there and mapping out a course that would entertain any Jeep guy. I'm a motorhead who is into anything fast and handbuilt, and have a bad Mexico habit so I had to pass on a great NorCal ride with other friends to go on this trip. Bailing on a long motorcycle ride isn't something I take lightly, but we're getting close to the Gypsy Run time, so I'll get some good miles in the saddle soon. Anyway, we mapped out Matt's route with a GPS and had an awesome time exploring around in Ron's practice car. We even found a place that suits his needs just up the hill from my little shack. What's this got to do with choppers? Not much really except next time we ride down there we may just have an ally with a good welder and a fridge full of cold beer, so you could call it an investment in the future...



Swap This Sunday!

If you live in SoCal and need anything Biltwell or anything motorcycle come out to the Long Beach Swap this sunday. Toppings puts on the best consistent monthly swap anywhere! Come say hi to Josh he'll be set up against the fence on the west side and buy him a breakfast biscuit or burrito.
For directions, times or any other info go
here Long Beach Swap


Summer Event Update

Chris' grin says it all. I "heart" NY!

So, rewind back to 2005. Doesn't seem that long ago, but I was just back from Iraq, McGoo had just finished his first scratch-built machine and Chris was still working at Chica's. We wanted to start a brand that made affordable parts for guys that did most of their work for themselves. We talked about Biltwell but didn't quite have the plan together yet. What we did have was a silly notion to ride to Mexico and invite anyone else who was sick of the whole retarded chopper/motorcycle scene. Remember this was full-swing TV, fat-tire, nonsense-time. It didn't really cost anything except a few preruns and a home-made website. I vividly remember sitting on a workbench half-drunk and explaining it to Kim at my homecoming party.

We put the plan in motion and the next spring we did EDR01 with about 45 other idiots and had a blast. That was surely not the first grass roots motorcycle event of it's kind, but was the first one we had been involved in and it was a tipping point for several people I know. In the process, we met some seriously solid humans, too many to list, who have become real friends and we've watched them grow along side of us as we've cultivated this little company called Biltwell.

Back to 2009, the EDR may be in a coma, but the spirit is alive and well. In fact it burns brighter now than ever. We're in a recession, downturn, whatever. It's harder to get time off work, everyone is stressed over earning a living and good or bad, things are changing. The thing that hasn't changed, in fact it may be more important or relevant now, is how much fun it is to get on your motorcycle and ride the balls off of it. Especially somewhere new, and especially with other like-minded fruitcakes on hand-built deathtraps.

Last year a half-dozen of us rode out to Trent's event. My battery shit the bed 100 miles from home and I spent some time playing survivorman on the side of HWY10 in some crazy weather. Gotta love the desert!

Having to try to sell shit like sparkly helmets and funky handlebars means you have to go to events where bikers congregate. It's a required deal that comes with the path we've chosen. We've done plenty of mainstream events over the last few years and should probably do more. With the limited resources we have, we should probably focus on doing events with more people, more exposure, etc. The bottom line is this - its hard to do shit that you just aren't into, no matter how much you might sell.

So, we're left cherry-picking the events we really want to go to. Other than reasonably local stuff (of which there are way too many) we've got to pick a couple and just go. Ironically the two big, out-of-town runs we are going to hit aren't even designed to sell stuff, and that's OK. We'll justify the expense by trying to make our own media about them, show off lots of pics, blog about it and have a good time hanging and riding with friends/customers in smaller, tighter numbers, rather than going to one more big ass parking lot set up for biker-shopping. Probably not the best business choice, but it's something we're into and that's important.

The two "travel" events we've picked this year are the East Coast Gypsy Run and the Ground Zero in New Mexico. Both of these rides are put on by our friends who "get it" and are the kinds of events we can get behind without a bit of hesitation. If you are anywhere near either one or need an excuse to ride through the congestion of Manhattan or the wilderness of New Mexico, they might just be for you. No one is measuring cuffs or checking the year of your bike. They are both open to anyone on any machine with the right attitude, and that's what we're into.

You can find out more here:
East Coast Gypsy Run / Ground Zero Throwdown


Forgot a Mike!

Sorry =Mike= I forgot your bike.
Yep, this baby is for sale too.

You can contact him here.


Up late

My pipes have been buggin me for way too long now. I have been searchin for a bandsaw I like enough to buy. Well tonight I decided to just do it with what I had at home, a hack saw. Really all I want is something simple and short, so here they are and I'm stoked!

San Diego Sportster with Gen2 Friscos

David in San Diego sent these pics of his '07 883 Low. He just added the new, lower and thicker Frisco bars. These bikes can look so good with so few mods it's crazy. Nice work David, thanks for the pics.

Biltwell in Oahu!

I saw Kanan's bike in Ala Moana a couple weeks ago and he e-mailed me these pics a couple days ago. Its always great to see Biltwell parts on bikes when you are not expecting it. Clean nice fun looking ride, LTD. Keep the pics comin and next time shoot more with the beautiful scenery of paradise. Thanks Kanan.

Mikes Selling Bikes

What is it with guys named Mike selling bikes this week?

Mike C. has Kinger up on the block. Contact him here

Mike S is offloading his Triumph. Hit him up here

Mike D has this '57 for sale. Talk to him here


Grail's Sporty Wrap Up

Grail is just about done with his evo Sporty make over. Check it out here: Knucklebuster Inc. I like these tasteful, swingarm, lightly-modded, but still custom bikes. He's still got some work to finish, but it's time for some shakedown miles. We all know how good that feels. See you on the Gypsy Run, Grail.


Biker Season?


New Full Face Helmet

Nope it's not the Biltwell Inland Empire Signature Edition (dry your tearss JB) but I'm sure we'll see a few on the road soon, especially around here.

Pro Model.

If you don't know what a flat biller is, check this site for a little lesson.


Fo Real!

Its not super imposed and Wes still owns and races this very bike at Bonneville next month. Our great friend Wes over at Four Aces loaned out his racer to Lil Wayne for a shoot a while back. I guess living in Pacoima Beach thats the kind of circle you sometimes run in. Anyhow you should go buy a shirt from Wes here to help support his Bonneville efforts on this very bike.

Bar Hoppin'!

Some we have, some we are getting next week, some a little later in summer.

Gen2 Friscos, Keystones and Clubmans are all in stock in black or Chrome. Friscos and Keystones are also available with dimples for stock controls.

Apes and Chumps in chrome without dimples are ready to go. Black and dimpled ones will be ready next week.

We'll have Trackers next week, and the Windows and Low Drags before end of summer.


Going Ape Shit Lately.

Popped some of the new 12" Apes on the FXR and been riding 'em all week. They don't flex at all and with knurling and the Slimline Risers, they aren't slipping all over. Sounds like a commercial, but it's true. We have smooth chrome ones now and will have black and dimpled versions middle of next week. If you gotta run apehangers, might as well run some decent ones. 100% 4130 Chromoly .120" wall.

New Ride!

Got my new BMX together last night. S&M Bikes / Nui Art Projects
Hawaii Limited Edition LTF and its the Shit! Without trying its 23.2lbs. I gotta get the back brakes on but this is the best bike I've ever had! Moeller over at S&M makes the best stuff hands down. My brother in law did the graphics and detail design. I'm Stoked! To get one or for more info go to Shoots Brah!

Special 79 True Craftsman!

I follow the Special 79 blog and watch all the great work Jay does. He is truely a great craftsman and his stuff is pure Art in my opinion. Big thanks to Jay for using one of our pivots and showing just another way to make things work in different ways. Check out his blog to see what I mean.


Double McDouche™ with Extra Cheese

Fake tough guy chopper dudes are so lame even McDonald's is making fun of them in mocha commercials. Whew.

Separated at Birth?

So, we had that post on here last week of ol' what's his nuts riding down Sunset with an old helmet on and got a few comments on it. Then all of a sudden one of the Wrenchmonkee (WM rules!) dudes pops up a link to some cheesy celebrity stalker site with pics of Hugh Laurie riding around on a nice flat green Scrambler rocking our lid with the sticker on front and everything. Now, I'm not much for modern movie stars and the like, I'd rather celebrate them after they are dead I guess. The one thing I like less than most Celebs are the people who hunt them. The guy is trying to ride his motorsickle see, in fact it looks like ol' Hugh might even be a lane splitter. Let the man be, get a real hobby. And you people who care about this stuff... This is digressing quickly, sorry. Anyway, thanks Mr. Laurie for running that Biltwell sticker, that's a classy move and we appreciate it.

One of our best riding buddies named Joel has been mistaken for Hugh Laurie a few times. When I first started riding with him people would always bug him about it. I didn't know who the hell they were talking about until someone explained it was the dude on the TV show "House". My OL watches that show and that guy is a pretty funny asshole. When he and Joel were running the same facial hair it was a pretty striking resemblance. Joel prefers jockey-shift pans though so you'll never confuse the two on the highway.

Guess which handsome fella is Joel?

DicE Magazine Party Issue 27, Vanvouver BC

Always a splendid time...