Separated at Birth?

So, we had that post on here last week of ol' what's his nuts riding down Sunset with an old helmet on and got a few comments on it. Then all of a sudden one of the Wrenchmonkee (WM rules!) dudes pops up a link to some cheesy celebrity stalker site with pics of Hugh Laurie riding around on a nice flat green Scrambler rocking our lid with the sticker on front and everything. Now, I'm not much for modern movie stars and the like, I'd rather celebrate them after they are dead I guess. The one thing I like less than most Celebs are the people who hunt them. The guy is trying to ride his motorsickle see, in fact it looks like ol' Hugh might even be a lane splitter. Let the man be, get a real hobby. And you people who care about this stuff... This is digressing quickly, sorry. Anyway, thanks Mr. Laurie for running that Biltwell sticker, that's a classy move and we appreciate it.

One of our best riding buddies named Joel has been mistaken for Hugh Laurie a few times. When I first started riding with him people would always bug him about it. I didn't know who the hell they were talking about until someone explained it was the dude on the TV show "House". My OL watches that show and that guy is a pretty funny asshole. When he and Joel were running the same facial hair it was a pretty striking resemblance. Joel prefers jockey-shift pans though so you'll never confuse the two on the highway.

Guess which handsome fella is Joel?

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Anonymous said...

What would Blackadder say??!