Gypsy Run Update

Check out the new video update for the Gypsy Run. You don't even have to read anymore, just sit back and Uncle Walt will tell you all about it. GR is great fun and this year promises to be the best one yet. Nice work, Walter, we're bringing a posse and can't wait.

Gypsy Run update 2 from Kickstart Cycle Supply on Vimeo.

Artsy Fartsy!


Decoration Day

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same...

-Ronald Reagan


EDR4 revisited

Banana Seats

We put the final touches on the first run of Banana seats yesterday. A hand-polished stainless tab with stainless acorn, all packaged up and ready to ship finally. These will be up in the store later this week. They fit pre-rubber mount Sportsters. There's an install how-to here. It is about as basic as it gets, but does require drilling a hole in yer fender. Thanks to Jake, Michael and my nutjob son Flynn for busting their asses all day, now put your shirt back on!


4 Wheeled Choppers

Corpitos has a few
seen at the Memorial Day weekend "hot rod" show
pics submitted by K-Mack

Get Some Flange!

Ever have enough scrap to build some pipes, but just need the right flanges? Now you can pick up a set for about $30. Evo, Pan, Ironhead (also works as a slip joint) or Shovel styles. Each one comes as a single tube, you cut it in half and bam! Two perfect flanges ready to rock. There are not even pics in the store yet, but you can still buy them here.


Classic Cycles

We stopped by Classic Cycles in Orange yesterday to harass Tony and Ryan and do a little Brit-specific product development. Their place is always a blast to visit, so much neat stuff going on and good bikes to envy. Thanks, guys!

Mission Statement

Found in a random gas station bathroom in Texas... Not sure about the clean and pleasant part, but hell, we'll claim it! Thanks, John.


Endless Summer Tour 2011

There are so many events and shenanigans going on all over this year that there's no way we could possibly hit them all. But we've got friends who are going to be at events from coast to coast, so we figured we'd make a list to keep track. Then that list turned into the Summer Tour 2011. Then I realized we were going all the way into December so it became the Endless Summer Tour 2011...

Our buddy Craze over at Eternal Combustion bought himself a real live semi truck and is going to haul ass all around the country attending events big and small. So, if you see a giant white semi pulling into a grass-roots motorcycle gig near you, it's probably Craze, and he'll have Biltwell stuff as well as lots of other chopper goodness. Thanks to Walt over at Kickstart for covering the NYC area and Josh at Lowbrow Customs for doing most of the west coast events.



This is gonna be one good weekend...


Slab City Riot 2011

We're working on the details, but Slab City 3 is a go. Mark your calendars for Friday night Nov 4th and Saturday nov 5th. We're gonna have movie night on Friday and bands on Saturday. One night was just not quite enough. Yes, there will be a title up for grabs in the Cocktagon, and maybe some other nonsense. Stay tuned...


New Favorite Sticker

SpartanKiller Returns

With my workspace at the new Biltwell R&D shop mostly dialed in, today I finally picked up some steam on my sadly neglected SpartanKiller project. This thing has taken me four times longer to finish than any bike before it, and I have no real good reason for my procrastination.

Ryan the electrician is coming in next week to run 220v to my work space, and when he does I'll be able to weld on the mounting brackets for the custom oil bag Duane Ballard and I fabbed last fall.

One of the three tabs that will hold the stainless steel oil bag in position is this:

The space beneath the oil bag and the starter/tranny assembly is cramped, so our thin yet super-strong stainless-steel hinge fits perfectly. The frame's seat tube is the same radius as the bung, so tacking and finish welding should be snap.

If you've repurposed any Biltwell parts to perform another function on your motorcycle, send us photos. We'll feature your handiwork on daily scroll.

Do it Your Damn Self

We've cooked up a couple simple how-to's if you are considering putting one of our new throttles on your machine. Anywhere on the site if you click this little Tips & Tricks icon you'll get some straight dope on doing the install yourself, and how to do it properly. Setting up a throttle correctly is not rocket science, but McGoo's done a million of them and his tips might just make your job a little easier.

Go here for a full Whiskey Throttle install.

And here for installing the Whiskey Throttle tube only with stock HD housing.


Exciting New Feature!

Ok, not really that exciting, but if you've been looking for a local dealer, maybe our website can help you out. Just go to the upper right corner of the screen, enter your zip code in, hit "GO" and you will get a list of shops that are official Biltwell dealers, their complete contact information, maps, etc. Support your local motorcycle shop!


DIY Videos

Lowbrow and Four Aces have teamed up with Frank Kaisler to produce two new Tune & Service Video Workshop Manuals: Shovelhead and Ironhead. Look out Glee, I know what I'm watching tonight instead.


This Sunday-BBQ

The guys from Circle City Barber shop and Street Chopper are having a little post Long Beach Swap BBQ this Sunday starting at noon. Come show us what chopper gold you found at the swap. Ride your bike, walk your dog...just come on by!

Bolts Ride the Wild Thunder

These d u d e s are all class. Their video makes me want to go straight back to San Felipe. Good times!

Bolts Action Team: EDR 2011 from Bolts Action on Vimeo.


An Idiots Choice

I hate fuel injection, let it be known.
With that said, here is my favorite Sporto from this years EDR.
This moto rules, and so does the rider.
 I asked Brian a few questions and these are the responses.

Year, make, model?
The bike started out as a 2007 Nightster. I bought it off Craigslist from a guy who's wife was making him sell it.  It had 700 miles on it.  All that is really left of that are the motor, and the front part of the frame.  Pretty much everything else has been changed.  For me, there's a line to be drawn between looks and performance.  You have the period correct guys (most of my friends) and you have the performance guys.  Most of the time its one or the other.  I really feel that there is a way to add the performance and still have a beautiful machine. the idea with this bike was to tastefully merge both of those things.  A fully chopped out Genny or Pan done right is amazing, but if it has to work its ass off to roll at 75 and something falls off at every gas stop to me it kinda defeats the purpose of having a motorcycle to begin with.  I wish Jeff Wright or Chopper Dave would make a Sportster.  Those dudes know what time it is and the maneuverability you get from a Sporty is amazing.  I needed a bike that could look good, like a chopper should, but zip in and out of traffic, feel 100% solid, stop on a dime, and roll at 120 in the Mexico desert, with a little throttle left to spare if I needed to pass, all in one package.  Evil Sporty was the answer. 

Longest distance traveled on it, when, where, how many miles?
Ive ridden the bike pretty hard the last few years, I have a couple Shovelheads so once in awhile it sits in the corner for a bit, but this bike is like old faithful to me.  It always goes.  And goes, and goes. Pancho Run 3 we did just under 1500 miles in 4 days and it ran at the front of the pack, like a top.  I generally don't like to ride more than about 300 per day any time, but its comfortable so if I need to I can take it to the limit.  It just depends on how many 5-hours I have on hand.

Favorite part? 
This sounds really weird to say, but my favorite part of the bike is the fuel injection system.  There was no way I was gonna run the stock tank with the internal fuel pump on any bike I ride.  I hate the shape. Michael from Evilspirit and I did a lot of work to put that stuff on the outside of the bike.  Just hang it all out there for everyone to see.  It makes the bike so much more interesting.  Not to mention a major performance increase.  We used automotive parts.  The fuel pump I run was designed for a Mustang. Chopper guys will not fuck with fuel injection shit, but its actually really simple when you break it down and just took a few phone calls.  When we took it apart I noticed right on the stock connectors it just says "Ford".   We just made it work.  Michael Barragan deserves the credit for this conversion.  And to this day I have still not ever seen another bike set up this way.  Which is weird to me, its not difficult, and the reward is immense.  Why aren't more people doing it?  The air ride seat is pretty cool too. 

Lamest part?
Are you calling my bike lame?  Ill whip your ass.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
   Man I fucking love ice cream.  So much more can be done with it too.  Some guys are doing it, but not many.  You can get bacon flavor.  Salt caramel, jalapeno, bean and cheese, that shit rules.  The people doing that shit are like ice cream choppers, push the limits man.  I'll get down on Hagen Daaz, Ben and Jerry's, even Blue Bell, but I don't accept any generic bullshit.  Keep it high class is what I say. My favorite basic flavor is Peppermint.  But I like to mix it up some.  You know, expand your ice cream horizons.

PC or Mac?
Every time I go to the Mac store to deal with my iphone that perpetually breaks, I end up wanting to kick the shit out of the "Mac Wizard".  You know those guys rolling on fixies, wearing those little gay hats and their little sisters jeans?  They use Macs.  When a PC breaks, I fix it.  I upgrade it, and I hot rod it myself.  Im not down with anything that you cant take apart and work on yourself.

Moon landing.. real or fake?
Seriously?  I want you to ask Buzz Aldrin that question and see how he handled it.  Google that shit.

How did the Cold War affect you growing up?
I caught frogs and snakes growing up.  I listened to KISS.  I wore Toughskins, and jumped my minibike.  Real Gummo shit.  Fuck politics.

Smallest fish ever caught when, where, what, how big, what were you using?
Sometimes I take my kids with me when I fish.  If I'm not feeling too serious, I rig up a live worm, or a little mister twister for em and inevitably they catch 2 dozen tiny bluegills or 2 inch crappies.  They love it.  Then after an hour they want to play the Wii and they sit there bored until its time to leave and I'm stuck reeling their fish in. 

The last question is a "choose your own adventure type"  "you fill in the rest" kind.
What is........
.........best in life?
  That's easy. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

Something else I want to say, is that I hear a lot about runs and where people are going.  The guys who make them often know this shit already but it took me a minute to realize it:
Its not about the destination, but the journey.

I'm sure there is already some Latin phrase that explains that shit that I just don't know about.  Yeah the palapas and burnouts in San Felipe were cool.  But not half as amazing as the road to get there. and experiencing that stuff with good friends and making new ones is what its all about.  Figuring out how to fix a flat in the middle of Mexico with no tools and no way to communicate other than sign language and charades is and incredible feeling when it works out and you're back on the road in 45 minutes. Scared you're gonna run out of gas, and knowing if you make a wrong turn you're really fucked. Jammin the mountain curves at 70, then the gas stops and the feeling you have that you cant explain but you look at your buddy and you can see on his face that he has it too, so you would never need to explain it.  So for this motorcycle and Evilspirit Engineering... I helped build this bike with my best friend who I love like a brother, and I learned so much not just about motorcycles, but so much more. Michael really helped open my eyes and taught me how to look at the big picture instead of the quick fix.  I just wanted a hardtail, and I ended up with a total package.  I wasn't about to just drop it off and pick up the bike when it was finished, I wanted my hand on everything and I know it was hard for him to let me in the way he did.  I worked my ass off to build this bike and got plenty frustrated when I had to sit back at times and give up some control, its just not in my nature.  2 weeks of 20 hour days will put any friendship to the test and there were plenty of times when I was ready to take my ball and go home but I'm glad a stuck it out, because I couldn't be more proud of what we put together, and now, for the king of the Sportster to dig my ride, there is no better compliment.  Thanks bro.  I can't wait for the next journey.

Thanks Brian, for the input.  And thanks to Bill, Mike, and McGoo for making things happen.

Sportos Rule!


162 hp. Just sayin' 
See more: Ducati

Just a Vantasy


Kung FU!

Put the new Kung Fu Grips on the bike today. Get yours HERE! Simple swap out but they make the bike do better wheelies and I gained 40 Horsepower! Amazing...well, kinda.

Kundratic Motorcycle Round Up June 4th


Moto Time!

Meatball's HOW Moto Rally is coming up soon. This was tons of fun last year and is at a better track this time. Girls in their underwear, whiskey for trophies, hot rods and motorcycles. What more could you ask for? Check it.

Dogs Rule

Furious Amy in Berlin, Germany approves of Sunburst Orange Megaflake
It compliments her skin tone nicely, doesn't it?


Dime City Cycle Grand Opening

Win a Seat from the Haifley Bros.

The HB's have the sickness and they are giving one away. Go here to read up on it.


Circulo de los Muerte

Second place is first loser. Better than falling over I guess. But at least I tried!

Good job, Jake (winner), John and Scrambler Bill. This is what motorcycles are made for.


El Diablo Download

Whoa. What a trip, eh? The EDR is a different thing to different people. To some it's a 5 day bender, to others it's a sobering experience. Either way, the toughness of those 650-ish miles can not be denied. It doesn't sound like much, but Mexico miles are just different, especially for those on an old rigid they built themselves. Most made it the whole way. A couple crashes, no one died that I'm aware of. A couple arrests and a few bruised egos, but I don't think we left anyone behind. Thanks to everyone who came, it was epic no matter how you did it. Now, we got some work to do to see if they'll let us back in next year...

Just a few pics for now, and yes, the Praying Mantis made it the whole way with nary a hiccup.