Butt Plug

My friend Walt kept this uncomfortable hunk of metal in his...
...backpack for 3000 miles.
Nowadays they use those cheesy card deals. I like the tokens better.
Thanks dood, I'll keep it long time.

Tidy Ironhead on the Block

Aphelion on the JJ is selling this neat machine.
Buy it.

Not Choppers but Totally Rad!!!!!

Haro Freestyle Team at the BMX Worlds
So I stole the pic from the link above but this would be totally rad to go see if you have the means.
"the 25th anniversary of the BMX Worlds is coming to the Jugendpark in Cologne, Germany this July 10-12, and to celebrate, the original Team Haro touring crew of Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther and Dave Nourie will be performing demos at the Worlds, along with original announcer Kevin Martin and the creator of freestyle, Bob Haro." Thanks for posting that Tunney!

Hog Flu?

Chris Huber shows how the whole Swine-Flu epidemic started. One man's bacon overdose in baja turns the world upside down. Good work, Chris.


New Product Update

OK, it probably looks like all we are good at is throwing parties, but we really do get some work done once in a while. Here's a little progress report on what to expect in the next couple months.

NEXT GEN BARS (available mid-June)
We'll have Keystones & Friscos in about a month and a half. The Friscos are going to have a 7" rise instead of the old 9". This will let you mount them on stock sporties without changing cables. Black ED and Chrome Plated. These bars are bulletproof and something we can stand behind. The price went up few bucks but you are worth it, you deserve the best because you are special! Should be about $109 retail. Not long after that we are going to introduce some new models: Apes, Chumps, Windows, Low Drags and Tracker bars. All are going to be TIG-welded 4130 Chromoly in 1" diameter (Apes & Chumps aren't welded). We are hoping to have these new designs in stock by the middle of July.

CAST STAINLESS SEAT PIVOT (available mid-June)
The last seat hinge you will ever need to buy. This is an investment cast stainless steel seat pivot with a new and improved mounting bung that is nice and chunky. We'll still sell the existing chromoly version, but this one will be the higher end model. Retail price will be well under $100 bucks. If you have the old bung welded to your frame, this new hinge will bolt right up, the dimensions are the same.

You can't beat cast stainless for corrosion resistance and pure inherent beatuty. We did some samples in aluminum, but couldn't get decent pricing we could agree on. The factory jumped the gun and made 100 sets in aluminum anyway so we'll be selling those off at a discount as a limited issue kind of thing for about $50, these will be available mid-June. The stainless models will go for about $100 and be available at the same time.

A neat trinket for opening your beer. Gotta replace that Live to Ride crap with something. Also works pretty good bolted to your truck bumper, workbench, etc.

SLIMLINE SEAT (in development, which means, don't hold yer breath)
This is a seat for that rigid chopper that needs a lot of kick to keep you from sliding off the back. 1/8" rollled steel with slots for carriage bolts means no matter your bung spacing, you should be able to get this seat to work. This will be available as a bare pan and foam kit or as a complete covered seat. It's nice and small so it's a good fit for narrow bikes like trumpets, jappers, etc.

BANANA SEAT (in development, which means, don't hold yer breath)
We've got a lot of customers with evo sporties for a good reason, they are relatively affordable and fun to modify and ride. Last year Duane Ballard and I built a seat for my Sportster and this is modeled after that design. The trick thing is that there will be a little rubber badge with a hidden slot in it, through which you slide an allen wrench and tighten your seat into the stock threaded insert already in the fender. This way the hardware is all hidden for a sano look. The plastic pan is done and bitchin' so now we are just working on covers, foam and packaging. I'm pretty excited about this seat shape, it follows the frame rails nicely and narrows the look of the bike dramatically. The first batch is going to be for pre-rubber mount evo sporties and then later we'll do a pan that fits the later model bikes.


Its Hensley's Wednesday again

Hensley's and Joe Wood & the Lonely Ones
See ya there.


Portrait: Mad Dog Moeller

I was stoked to see we got mentioned in an ESPN interview with our friend Chris Moeller. Right up there with the AC dude and his favorite ear-bud company. Chris is a unique guy that is always a blast to hang out with, whether he's trying to steal the banner off your palapa in the middle of the night to use as a sleeping bag or on the side of the road working on the goddamn trouble head again, it's always an adventure. It would take more than a stupid blog entry to define his character but if I had to sum it up, I'd say no one takes the job of not taking themselves serious more seriously than the Mad Dog. Thanks for the shout out Chris, see you on the next mancation.

New Baxter Grips

I'm not sure what he's calling 'em or how much they cost but I know Murray Baxter can ride real fast all day with only a front brake and he's now making these sweet grips.

Time to Read!

It's been a good month for getting great old books from good friends.


What is The World Coming To?

Our old friend Mitch Payton of Pro Circuit motocross fame posed this question to me nearly a decade ago, but it bears repeating today. At the time Mitch was referring to the stylistic shift that was occurring before our eyes in the custom motorcycle scene. Because Mitch is a dirt-bike guy to the core, his disdain for senseless decoration and theme bikery is even more deeply rooted than my own.

Two million-dollar MX stars had just ridden their big-twin trophy bikes into the PC parking lot. Factory Yamaha rider "KW" was on a Yamaha Royal Star; his friend Factory Honda Rider "EL" was on a Harley V-Rod. Mitch eyeballed both bikes and exclaimed…

"What is the world coming to when Japanese bikes look American… 

… and American bikes look Japanese?"
If Mitch were into choppers, I'd see his conundrum and raise him a riddle:

"Why are there so many respectable old Harleys that look like this…

… and so few old Japanese street machines that look like this?

Mitch is too busy winning SX and MX championships to notice, but brother, the times they are a changin'. Kim Boyle's sweet little SR500 was a top-three finisher at last year's Chop Meet and last week's Biltwell Bash. Our friend Tattoo Eric raises more hell on his XS650 chop before noon than most Choad King riders raise in a lifetime. Old Evo Sporties are quickly becoming the new Shovelheads for the next generation of chopper freaks. Motorcycles are cool, and everyone seems to know it.

To everyone with the self-confidence to ride whatever they like without concern for what the masses think, we salute you. 

Clever Pipe Mounting Trick

Kyle over at Lowbrow Customs is doing a fine job of documenting his rapid rebuild of a unit Triumph on FLICKR. I noticed he used the shovel head flanges as the exit ends of his pipes and is going to use that for a nice, tidy mounting point. Pretty cool use of the Builder's Pipe Kit.


Torrance local, Alan Hayden has a great collection of pics from the BASH.
Check 'em out HERE.


Lowbrow How-To: Installing a Solo Seat

Lowbrow Customs' how-to archive continues to grow. Thanks to Tyler's brother for this instructional pictorial that features of solo seat and hinge as the guinea pigs.

More from Kutty's 1/4 block Oval

I didn't get to see many well anyone other than Eric take to the dirt at Kutty's. I know others did but I doubt any had the same style and grace.


Cool peg from Reep's bike submitted by NorCal Holly.


Bubble Bags

I hazily remember talking with someone at the BASH about a set of bubble bags? Seems they were rough and missing one lid? Was is Mike D? Whoever it was, thanks for the offer and hit me up if you wanna get rid of them still. If it was the 'shine talking, that's cool too...

Recto Rooter

Great idea for a jockey shift handle... Thanks to Temecula Terry for the submission.

Tank Art

This one is done by the one and only Eric. He rides with us on pretty much any ride we do. You're an inspiration to just do what you love and we thank the hell out of ya!


New Batch of Bikes

Just added a few more bikes to the Customer Bikes Gallery...

Josh's XS650

Cortez's Ironhead

James' Alley Rat

Scott's Softie

You're Doing It Wrong

More Mex Pics

Just got some more pics from in from Huber the Ultimate Bacon Eater.



Post-BASH Mexico ride

Eat what you catch, right? ¡Gracias, Maria!

Gabe from Afterhours organized a little trip to San Felipe last Sunday after the BASH. Me, Sumo from England, Rouser Rob from Texas, Moby Nick from AZ, Chris Huber from the OC, and Chris driving the van tagged along with Gabe and his wife Lois and a couple of his customers/friends from Michigan: Robert, Ron and Chris.

Nick can not be stopped. He carved the twisties like a Christmas Turkey on this thing and even crashes with style.

Whatcha grinnin' 'bout Rob? The high road that's what...

I'm proud to report the freshly made-over 92 FXR performed through all conditions without a single hitch. I'm quickly falling in love with this machine.

Sumo has had a rough go with bikes in the USA the last couple trips. Finally borrowing a bike from his native land broke the curse and I was stoked to see him have a good time.

Huber on the only sensible bike in the bunch. I really need one of these. Those hard bags make great coolers.

We made good time and took the EDR route through the Anza Borrego desert. No real mechanical trouble let us make it to Kiki's Campo long before sunset, even with a 15 mile dirt road detour that was a test for Nick's skill on the panhead with less than optimal set-up for these kinds of conditions. It seemed alot easier coming back through that stretch on the return trip but we were pretty beat up when we finished it on the way down.

We were going to run with no chase trucks but Biltwell Chris volunteered to drive the van. We were glad he did. We never needed it but it was a nice security blanket and he's always fun to hang with in baja anyway.

Since we didn't get enough camping at the BASH (yeah, right) we took some beach front palapas and made the Sea of Cortez our home for a few days. We quickly settled in to lazing around, catching up on sleep, dips in the water and basically just winding down into the baja vibe I can't seem to get away from.

Future taco or gut bomb? Just depends on your luck I guess.

Me and Huber did some fishing and so did the Michiganders (they won). The best little taco shack in town happens to be right next to our favorite bar, the Miramar, so we brought two coolers full of filets to Maria there and she grilled and fried up a few pounds along with rice, beans and all the fixin's. It was down home, authentic cooking and she was a gracious host. Of course we gave her the left overs, and I hope some of her customers this week get an attack of Montezuma's Revenge like poor Lois suffered from. Hope you are feeling better, it was a long enough ride without that to deal with. One tough cookie, that girl.

I'll have some more photos to share later once they all get downloaded and I think Sumo might put together a little video edit. He had a trick little bar-mountable video camera that I put on the FXR and got some really rough footage with. A shady clip is here if you can sit through it you can see Rob and Nick navigating the dirt stretch.

Post-Bash ride to San Felipe Mexico from Biltwell Inc. on Vimeo.

More pics later. Thanks for a good trip, let's go back!