Military Special on Custom Lids

Our good friend and one of the finest pinstripers in the business, Shawn Long came up with a great idea a while back and we're proud to help him announce it on Memorial Day.

As a way to express our appreciation for your service, Imperial House would like to announce the following offer:
Imperial House/Biltwell Military Special
Valid 5-31-2010 Memorial Day through 7-4-2010 Independence Day.

For all currently serving military personnel, Imperial House is proud to offer, for a limited time, Original (custom striped/lettered to order) Custom Biltwell helmets for the discounted price of $169 plus shipping (usually $189-249). This price includes your choice of helmet and the following options: any striping colors, lettering, leaf work, and limited full custom artwork. Along with a killer helmet from Imperial House, the gang at Biltwell Inc. will toss in a free T-Shirt with each helmet order!
"How do I get in on this?", you might ask. Easy. Send an email with a picture of yourself, in uniform, holding a sign that says "Imperial House". Include your t-shirt size and your helmet color and design request, and leave the rest up to Shawn. Send all emails to shawn@imperialhouse71.com.

Thanks to each of you for your service from Biltwell and Imperial House!

River City Kickstart

Good times in Jacksonville, FL. Check it out.

Memorial Day

Here's a song by Jason Isbell that makes sense for today.
All gave some, some gave all.


Behind Bars

I thought this was a rad photo, shot by Vanessa Schuh riding with Terry Parker.




Super neat. On eBay right now.


I love to get these random emails from my friend Tom Rose in Wyoming. He and his girl (The Panther) love to thrash the bejeezus out of his magneto-fired, kick-only FXR.

Hi guys,

So - the weather was really good today - like REALLY amazing, so the Panther and I rode up Horse Creek Road which is in horrible condition to the Forest Circus cabin and headed into the mountains on a timber road. We were cruising along and at a certain point, ran into a bunch of really wet clay and then a bunch more, then even more. Shit.

My front tire is currently 20mm wider than Harley intended. I used to think it was a better idea to run a wider tire in the front but Phil Irving says differently (WWPID). I would concur with Phil Irving not based on handling but based on fender-to-tire clearance. Mine rapidly became compromised due to the clay. I'm sure you all know riding a bike with the front wheel locked is rather difficult.

The Panther and I spent a lot of time dragging, pushing, and lifting Kiback out of various different ruts and boggy spots. The Panther also spent an awful lot of time digging mud out from under his front fender and then I remembered that I had set up his front fender so that I could undo the four bolts out of it and drop it out the back like a kitten. Trouble with this was that I had recently replaced my spring bolts that I use for highway pegs as well as the brackets that hold them. That is a titanium tire iron she is digging mud with, very handy, who knew?

I pointed out to the Panther that the fucking BMX pedals that I run are not an affectation, merely self-cleaning grippy foot pegs. They proved their worth.

We got out of the clay for a bit and I made tea while the Panther excavated the fender mud. There was bear sign everywhere. The tea was awesome. On the way out I went down, rode out with the Panther holding the front fender under her arm. Definitely broke a mirror, think I bent my ultralight K&N super-bars, looks like Biltwells are in my future. I'm just not mature enough to run lightweight handlebars.

Tom Rose

And a couple days later, enjoying his new Trackers...

Thanks, Tom!



I blew off the morning and did a little dialing on the dirt bike today. I don't know how the previous owner ever ran an air filter with the way the oil return line was routed, so I moved it up a couple inches. He probably had some neat, hand made air box or something because these old clamp-around the throat kind suck. I can't imagine this Wassell unit staying on in the dirt for long. We'll get to that eventually. Right now I'm just trying to get it good enough for a couple laps next weekend at the HOW shindig. Tearing into this thing reminds me of working on an old baja bug or something, all the custom stuff is stick welded, hacksawed and still hanging in there, I know not how. Enough safety wire and gorilla snot go a long way I guess. I'll eventually replace things like the oil tank hangers and exhaust mounts and rewire it all a little cleaner, but not today...


I read the whole article and still can't figure out what belt drives have to do with politics?


Win This!

We're not having a bike show or anything on the Biltwell 500, but we will nominate one MVP who will end up owning this sweet piece. Thanks to Chicago Chris for the work on the lid!


Rootbeer Mega Flake

What has Brown done for you lately?

Rootbeer Mega Flake shipping now.

Thanks for the pic, Sandy.

Coolest Doggone Motherscratcher...

Every time I see a random pic of ol' Steve, this DBT song automgically goes off in my head...

Steve McQueen Steve McQueen

When I was a little boy I wanted to grow up to be

Steve McQueen Steve McQueen

The coolest doggone motherscratcher on the silver screen

I'd drive real fast everywhere no one would ever catch me

and I'd kick your ass if you pissed me off so be careful what you ask me

and I'd never have an empty bottle or an empty bed

and as cool as Paul Newman is I bet Steve could whup his head

Steve McQueen...

Bullet was my favorite movie that I'd ever seen

I totaled my go-cart trying to imitate that chase scene

That Duster had six hubcaps, know what I mean

and I love the way they all flew off when it landed in that ravine

Steve McQueen...

I really loved The Getaway back when I was eight

that pussy Alec Baldwin sucked in the remake

and speaking of pussy, I guess Steve got it all

He fucked Faye Dunaway and he fucked Ali McGraw

Steve McQueen Steve McQueen

When I was a little boy I wanted to grow up to be

Steve McQueen Steve McQueen

The coolest goddamn mothefucker on the silver screen


I went to see The Hunter on my first date

The Hunter was the last movie Steve McQueen lived to make

They took my drivers license when I was just sixteen

the year Mesothelioma killed Steve McQueen

lyrics by Patterson Hood


Vantastic Monday

Straight outta Buffalo, NY. Thanks, Derek!


7/8" Handlebars at Lowbrow Customs

Whoa! Lowbrow Customs stepped up and got an exclusive order of your favorite bar designs in 7/8". These are a limited deal so hit them up while they have 'em. While we are swinging from the Malinky brother's nuts, we might as well tell you about the event they just announced. The Lowbrow Getdown. How's riding your moto to a quarry swimmin' hole and drinking some beer, diving off some cliffs and camping out sound? Sounds like the perfect deal to me and we're proud to be a sponsor.


1948 T100 Desert Sled

Oh my, Flathead Jed's Triumph is for sale. Hit him up here.

Slab City

Mike's got this nice '66 for sale over at blotto.

Up Yours!

Online forums can be a valuable way to learn stuff, make friends, meet self-appointed experts on every subject and waste your life away. Sometimes they can be really frustrating. With those situations in mind, the other day I whipped up some graphics that can be pasted into your favorite forum thread whenever simple words just won't do. Have fun!


Stash that registration

This is one of those weird little bits that we consistently sell but never bother to tell anyone about or promote. If you are like me you've got more than one bike/project and it can be a pain keeping track of the registration for each one all the time. A simple way is just roll it up, stuff it in this stash tube and forget about it. It's wise to put a little Loc-Tite or a dab of RTV on the wingnuts so they don't come loose.

The brackets are spaced to fit most existing US license plates, but you can also mount it just about anywhere. On my old Triumph I used the existing front tank mounts. I narrowed the plexi tube slightly and it worked out great. So, maybe these are not as sexy as a pair of new, lane-splitter certified handlebars or sparkly new lid, but probably way more practical, and only $29.


Hats Off

Some new hats in this week. These have a little smaller crown so they aren't quite as Elmer Fudd lookin'. The "Star" hat is black with orange embroidery from our bros at Iron Thread. The "4 Cam" is dark brown and tan, done up with some geary looking stuff by the studs at American Icon.

Get 'em here.


Iron Horse Tech Issue

Class is in session! Check the new Iron Horse Issue #130. Jay from Special 79 did a great job detailing how to install one of our cast stainless seat hinges.


Desert Sled Action!

Well, back in January I posted something about wanting to spend more time riding in the dirt this year. I've been out a couple times, but as practical as my tractor of an XR650L is, I've been really thinking hard about a more vintage desert sled for a long time. When this one popped up for sale from Born Loser Mike D. yesterday I had to pull the trigger. I know it won't be the trouble free unit that the Honda has been but that's not really the point. It runs and rides and I have a whole list of stuff I wanna do, but it's all going to be small bits with practicality and durability in mind. No fancy stuff, and it's staying a sled for sure. Me and Tyler and Wes were just talking last week about doing B2V or something and what a fun challenge it would be. Then today I just got an email saying the Catalina Grand Prix is going to be run this December for the first time since '58. How cool would that be? I was never much to write home about on a dirt bike but it's still fun and would be rad to race an old Trumpet on Catalina or at least tear around the dunes in Baja.

Ironically I also just received my copy of English 102 in the mail yesterday. Just in time!

Anyone want to buy a plated/CA legal '97 XR650L?


Born Free Panhead Give Away

Today I was lucky enough to have a good excuse to swing by the top secret chopper den where the Born Free Pan has been coming to life. You can see it in person this Sunday at the Long Beach Swap, but for now here's a little sneak peek. Lots of neat stuff going into this bike and these dudes are sparing no expense. I can't wait to see who ends up with it. I sure hope it's the most down on his luck guy in the crowd who was smart enough to buy a ticket. The number of these tickets is limited, so you should probably buy yours. I know I've got my two already. Good luck!

Vantastic Monday


DTMC Party

Whew! BCM Chris and I rode up to the DTMC's annual shindig in Chopperopolis this weekend. We split Friday morning and made good time to Bass Lake. I tried to imagine the infamous run in HST's book, but instead it was just us two old fat dudes drinking around the campfire and not raising much hell. The lake was gorgeous of course and we were stoked to be there the same weekend as a wooden boat festival of some sort. We woke up late Saturday morning and tooled up the twisties to Copperopolis, with a quick stop at the Sportsman in Sonora for a cold one. The highways up in this neck of the woods are the world's finest and we caught perfect weather and reasonably light traffic. The party was good and the 'Traps were generous hosts, thanks guys. I'll post up a little slide show of the bikes from the event later in the week on Chop Cult. We blasted straight home today in record time and both bikes ran great the whole time, no drama at all. Thanks, Chris!

Cookie Cookie Cookie

Scott @ Backstreet Bucket's wife is one hell of a looker and can cook up some delicious treats. Below she models with the new Megafalke Sugar Cookie. If you are in San Antonio stop by Sugarbakers Cafe' and order one up.


Rollin' Sixes

New lid painted up by Tim over at Rollin' Sixes Choppers. He's got some for sale here.


Don't Do That!

Unfortunately sometimes, no matter how hard you try, this is how your kids see you!



Our buddies at the recently opened Pala Raceway MX park are having a grand opening for their new parts and accessories store this weekend. Go see Jason Thomas aka Big Money and find what all the hype is about.