Desert Sled Action!

Well, back in January I posted something about wanting to spend more time riding in the dirt this year. I've been out a couple times, but as practical as my tractor of an XR650L is, I've been really thinking hard about a more vintage desert sled for a long time. When this one popped up for sale from Born Loser Mike D. yesterday I had to pull the trigger. I know it won't be the trouble free unit that the Honda has been but that's not really the point. It runs and rides and I have a whole list of stuff I wanna do, but it's all going to be small bits with practicality and durability in mind. No fancy stuff, and it's staying a sled for sure. Me and Tyler and Wes were just talking last week about doing B2V or something and what a fun challenge it would be. Then today I just got an email saying the Catalina Grand Prix is going to be run this December for the first time since '58. How cool would that be? I was never much to write home about on a dirt bike but it's still fun and would be rad to race an old Trumpet on Catalina or at least tear around the dunes in Baja.

Ironically I also just received my copy of English 102 in the mail yesterday. Just in time!

Anyone want to buy a plated/CA legal '97 XR650L?

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Erik Westergaard said...

Damn, I want that 650 so bad I can taste it!!