Vantastic Monday

Now this is a Vantastic unit. Would be super fun to recreate today. Thanks to Adam R. for the photo.
Sad to hear of the legendary "Scoop" passing earlier in the month.


Gypsy Run 2010

Well, another one is in the books as they say. Hats off to Walter and everyone who pulled this year's Gypsy Run together. Over 100 bikes, great attitudes, killer riding and lots o' beer. I'll have a link to more pics on the flickr site later in the week, but for now here's a couple of my favorites.


The Dirty Eleven

JD sums up his whole Sturgis experience in nine minutes. It's real good to see Gilby back on his bike! We're riding out there next year, no more excuses.



Mark my words, some day when I have the room, I will own a funky ass trike. It will probably be VW powered though...


Why oh why?

I don't know much about jet engines, but I'm pretty sure a whole bunch of crazy fire comes out the back end. (pointing right at that rear tire) Actually the dude mentions still needing to put the "exhaust unit" on there. Hopefully it's a big hill billy smokestack that shoots flames 20 feet in the sky.


Mayhem in Manchester

More East Coast Mayhem this weekend...


Beldentown Campout

While McGoo and Bill are out east on The 4th Annual Gypsy Run, I am going to be sneaking off to a birthday ride with my bros from NorCal. Come and join the festivities. This is a great group and should be a blast. E-mail me for further details.

Eastbound and Down

We'll be hitting the right coast for a little Gypsy business tomorrow. Really looking forward to a fun weekend. Thanks for letting me borrow the bike Walt! I heart NY.


Kung Fu Grips

Coming soon. Here's a sneak peek at the grips we've been working on. They are real simple, but functional. Low flanges, safety wire grooves, and extra thick ends. We've been stretching BMX grips over 1" bars and bumming grips from our buddy Murray for too long, time to make some of our own. They'll be available in black or natural gum rubber in 1" and 7/8" sizes. No matter when we say we'll have them in stock it'll be longer than planned, but figure on around early October. Below is a prototype set on the BCM sporty project.

Vantastic Monday

Help a brother out. Blue Collar Moto Chris is looking to sell his '67 Chevy. Cheap!


Back on the Road

I'm real glad to see our friend Rob back on the road. This bike had him pinned down hard several times but he never gave up and now he's banging gears with a shit-eatin grin. Things are always better when you earn them and Rob earned this thing, that's for sure.


Flat Trackin'

Our buddy Eric "Third" Ryke raced flat track for the first time tonight. The SCFTA just built a brand new track next to the Perris Raceway (not Starwest, it's next to the old GFI track, found that out the hard way!). It's a great venue, was nice and organized and low key. Plenty of good bikes to look at in the pits, old K-models, XR750's, old Triumphs and the modern moto-based machines as well. Some for sale, cheap compared to choppers too. Eric's got plenty of motocross experience and rides his hot rod shovel like a flat tracker, but this was his first real race and he killed it. He got a weak start from the second row on the first heat, but made it to the main where he bagged a clean 2nd place. Nice work dude! The next race is September 18th and we'll be riding out there, so any locals that wanna join up for a night of good racing, feel free.
(click these pics to see 'em bigger.)

Primer Red

Flat Primer Red. Out of all the flashy new colors we've rolled out lately, this is my favorite.


Ft. Rucker Swag

Brad Walker and the boys at Ft. Rucker in Alabama sent us a nice assortment of goodies to help with debauchery. Along with the items below, we got some shirts and a limited edition bottle of Knob Creek. Classy moves coming from the helicopter pilots.

Backstreet Buckets Metal Flake Cookies

Not only can they paint, they can bake!

Sweetest care package ever, thanks!




These guys do so much neat stuff.

I call this photo "Rolling bake show with Sunburst Orange"....

Flat Sea Foam Blue

Subtle radness.



Jaymes' buddy Calico kills it.
Here's a handful of chances to own some of his work.

Outta This World

Midnight Black fade over Stardust Silver = Galaxy Duo-Tone.

Vantastic Monday

Stargazer rules.

Me and the boy got some work done on his second gen Econo this weekend. We took out what little interior there was to start with and the seat mounts are going out to get sand blasted and the seats to get covered. We're hopefully going to start laying the subfloor and carpet next weekend so today's work was the super fun stuff - scraping old surface rust off the floor and getting a good coat of primer on there. We struggled with wheels a little bit. He just wanted the stock 14's but there are zero tire choices for them, so we dug up a pair of 15" steelies for the rear. Then BFJosh donated some giant 285 BFG T/A's to get some big n' little action going on. Moon caps (man they make 'em thin now) should look pretty sweet. White Moon steering wheel should look pimpilicious with the planned white fur headliner.

We're looking for a couple things if anyone out there has a lead; a new drink holder/tray deal that mounts on top of the engine cover, and a good source for weatherstripping. Also any online sources for small, stock interior pieces. Anyone? Hit me up if you have sources for either of these.



As a general rule, I hate television but I have to admit I'm a total sucker for this show. I finally caught the knucklehead episode. American Pickers.


Root Beer fade over Sunburst Orange = Sunset Duo-Tone.


Sat Night CL Alert

Just some interesting finds tonight. Seems like lots of folks are looking for FXR's to rescue lately. And here's a nice shovel thrown in there too.


Looking for someone to scratch some lines on your new (or old) lid in Germany? Check out MAZE GrafX.