Happy New Year

Here's to surviving another one. Ride the Wild Thunder but stay safe and we'll see you next year!

Old Mags for Troops

We're in the process of moving and I've got to purge some stuff. If you are currently deployed and would like a few old chopper mags, send me your APO/FPO address and we'll mail you some. Some will be real vintage stuff, some only a few years old. When we run out, we run out though, so no promises if we get flooded with requests. You can email me at bill@biltwellinc.com

Likewise if anyone has some vintage mags they want to donate, bring 'em by or mail them. I promise they won't get sold or kept. I always try to hook up deployed guys if they order something and I can tell it's going to the 'Stan or Iraq, now we'll just send you some 'til we run out. Don't worry OPSEC police, I won't publish anyones info.


New Triumph Project

I've been jonesing for another Triumph. With the new year comes a new project. I've been collecting parts for this bike for the last year. ACME Choppers just finished this frame for it, so it's off to a good start. Check that super tight radius loop in back. Pure goodness there. I'm going to try something different and make this one more "show quality". Should be fun.


Neat Sporty

Saw it on facebook. Who built it?


Nice Rack

This was Day One of warehouse rack building and stocking at the new joint. This is a multi-stage move. First we've got to get inventory consolidated and squared away, then we'll get Mike all moved in as soon as phones and internet are dialed. Then construction on a couple more interior offices, a meeting room and most importantly, the shop area and bar. Why didn't we build the bar first? Because we would never finish anything else, of course.

Today with the help of about a dozen friends and family members we built 30+ racks, got most of the existing inventory off the floor and emptied the two off-site storage units. Some day we'll be a real business and own a fork lift. For now, we have backs.

Tomorrow we tackle getting the inventory moved from the old shop and removing and rebuilding those old rack systems into a shipping area and shop divider walls. In the midst of this mayhem, all orders placed yesterday went out on time, so no worries there. I can't wait to dial in the new shipping area, it's going to feel pretty luxurious to not be tripping over each other.

Thanks to everyone who busted their asses today, we'll see you in the morning!


Why specialize in one trade...

One of the best business cards I've been given.
Bars Emptied-Orgies Planned!

My first bike....

...was a bike. Christmas day bike ride with yer Pops and friends on the original two wheeled freedom machine is something that McGoo proposed and enjoyed by all who participated. And even though he skipped out on the late night viewing of 'True Grit', I aint mad at him.

Vantastic Monday

Big Turk puttin' in werk! No shame in this mans shaggin' waggin' game.  I think it runs in the Stopnik family


Merry Christmas

Well, the year is almost over and what a year it's been. In a struggling economy we've managed to keep things tight and make it through another one. No complaints from us, we've actually grown in 2010, though it hasn't been easy. Our goal this year was to slow down things like bringing out new products and focus on doing a better job with what we've already got. We've been tripping over ourselves in the same building we've been in for eight years plus two off site storage units, all in an effort to have stuff in stock when distributors, shops and customers want it. It wasn't perfect, but we did a better job than we had in the past and hopefully made it easier for you to get your hands on the parts when you wanted them. The biggest new thing this year was the introduction of the DOT-approved Hustler helmets, as well as a ton of fun new colors on the Novelty lids. We've just finished up some really neat new stuff as well as some parts that have been in the works forever and we should have it all in early spring just in time for some epic riding.

Over the next week or two we'll be moving into a new shop/warehouse space that should streamline things so we aren't tripping over projects to get your orders out. We'll be shipping all next week but the blog will slow down and we will probably be hard to get a hold of as we do the dirty work of building racks and getting things in place at the new location. We'll only be down the street a couple miles and once the new joint is up and running we'll have a little open house party with a little more room to spread out compared to our current set up.

We've always been kooks about planning things in advance and 2011 will be no different. While we talked a big game about slowing down, we'll probably be going to more events next year than ever before. Some big, and plenty small. The thing we are most excited about it getting back to Mexico for the El Diablo Run on Cinco de Mayo. At the other end of the event spectrum is the small, local stuff. We are looking forward to hosting some fun local rides and get-togethers with our friends and customers, the kind of thing you can do on a Saturday and have a blast without a passport or time off work. As always we'll support a ton of grass roots events all over the world because that's what we like and it's the right thing to do.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to spend a day with old timer Mike Parti earlier this year. Surrounded by priceless motorcycles and the artifacts of a life well-lived, I asked Mr. Parti what his favorite thing in his collection was. I think he was used to this question because he didn't hesitate at all and said "The friends. The friends I have collected along the way are my most valued treasures". Not to get all sappy and romantic, but it's true. Through this crazy deal we've managed to meet some truly unique individuals and it is those relationships we value most. So, to all you kooks out there that we've had the pleasure of riding with, drinking with or doing business with (or maybe all three), we hope you have a great holiday season and we look forward to another year of Riding the Wild Thunder in 2011.


Hell on Wheels

We love throwin' parties, that's for sure. BUT, the one thing more fun than silly parties is real riding-oriented events. My favorite event of 2010 was the Hell on Wheels shindig in Lake Elsinore. Sure, it was hot as balls, but it was so fun to blast around on old motorcycles in the dirt. I hope Meatball, Scott and the crew put on at least one of these next year because it was a blast. My sidecar bike has now moved on, but the Lil' Devil Crappy Pants (seen at the very beginning of this video!) is on the lift now and being dialed for competition. Can't wait!



California has had rain for almost 7 days in a row. I mean...come on. This must be the end times. My next project is gonna be a Delorean because I'm getting outta here! Later days.
*this is what it used to look like in California.

Born Free Show 2011 Knucklehead

Most events have an entry fee. Consider this yours, except you get a chance at riding home on a Garage Co. Knuckle. I'd say that's a pretty cool way to contribute to the chopper ecosystem with a slight chance of winning a bike of a lifetime. You can buy a poster/ticket here.


Happy New Year

Some new CA regulations you may have heard rumors about go into effect Jan 1, 2011.

I've got nothing against cops, they don't make these laws. Hell, I'm pretty good friends with several LEO and they are outstanding people. None of them are CHP though, so I can make fun of the chippers.

Check the CHP's own link to this. Welcome to nannyland.

Another one. Looks like you better build your own exhaust so there is no manufacturer's stamp...


Chapo's Chopper

Our good friend Rich has been working real hard to get his Evo chop up and runnin like a champ over the last year. The final piece to figure out was the bars. He went from a simple drag, to Z bars to finally the classically styled Biltwell 12 inch apes and I gotta say I like these the best.
Front End: Gators and Apes= Grapes???

One night only!

Winter solstice
Ursids meteor showers
& a total lunar eclipse 
Rare night...
Chase the wizard, check it, and get spaced-out.

Vantastic Monday

All killer, lil' bit o' body filler. Big Nick of Thee Cormans fame been puttin' in work on his van, man.  A 316 and dash shift coupled with ample amounts of shameless self-promotion make this a hard van to miss!  The perfect whip fer transportin' yer kit from gig to gig or just doin' burn-outs in the parking lot of the local Quik-E-Mart.  Get at Nick here for any design or screen-printing needs u might have or even if yer just lookin' for jam-tastic surf band to stoke out ur lil' bro's bar-mitzvah bash, Nick and Thee Cormans got u covered


Rain, Rain, Stay a While

I don't mind it a bit. Keeps me in and gives me time to catch up on crusty old neglected projects that need some love...

Triumph Wiring Diagrams

I don't know why, but I can follow a corny cartoon drawing of a wiring diagram way easier than a technical schematic. I've always loved the ones in old Easyriders mags. When Tyler at Lowbrow wanted to include some in the English 102 videos, I volunteered to draw them up with some help from him and Wes at Four Aces. Cartoonist was one of my dream careers as a kid right along with top fuel dragster pilot and Navy Seal. You can be a marginal cartoonist but not a marginal drag racer or trained killer... Anyway, here they are, hope they help someone out!


Bash Flash-back

The Raped Grape? I think that's what it was called. This was from the Biltwell Bash so I may have been slightly housed at this point. Now that is a seat fit for a king and queen! Great bike.

Baja 1000 on TV this Weekend

Check your local listings.


My friends give me these same looks standing next to their motorcycles.

Not much changes as you get older.
oh, and there is kind of a lot going on in this picture.

Black Death Update

Well, this bike is finally about wrapped up. I basically gave up on it a week before Slab City when Mike's bike needed finishing and there was only time to get one done. I haven't been in a hurry anyway, this project that was supposed to be a mild refresh and flip bike, but has taken almost a year as it is so I've not been in any panic to get it done. The refresh went a little deeper than originally planned but you know what they say about the best laid plans. The finishing touch was the neat little leather cover that my friend Fredo made for the electrical box that houses the capacitor, kill switch and circuit breakers. Thanks Fredo!

Now all we need is a break in the weather for some shakedown miles...


Ride the wild thunder while taking a wizz.

This sick custom was in Beatty Nevada. Best part was the clutch lever made it flush. Genius.

Striped Hustler

Shawn over at Imperial House 71 just finished up this flat black Hustler Helmet and it's for sale.


To the moon!

Actually...  3 humans headed to the space station today.
Moving towards the future with good ole rockets!
Need more data?


We've been out of stickers for a while now. That's what we get for loading up orders with them I guess. Well, we finally got a new batch in and more are on the way. We never sell these things, but a handful ends up in every box that goes out the door, and we always hand 'em out when we set up at events. If you didn't get any on your last order or just want some, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Biltwell Stickers 27570 Commerce Center Drive #129, Temecula, CA 92590.


Junk in the Trunk?

Join the Stopniks and friends for probably Southern California's last sweet swap of the year

The Easy Way Out

Just forward this link to your mom, girlfriend, life partner, whatever: Gift Certificates


Ultimate Holiday Treat

ACME has another badass Triumph up on eBay. 

No reserve, so don't flinch...

Imperial Hustler

Shawn over at Imperial House 71 just pinned up a new Flat Titanium Hustler for sale.

Get spaced-out

Geminid Meteor Showers peak tonight
Get the kids, that annoying neighbor, your intraweb buddies, or go solo.  Just get out and check it!
NASA link here

Vantastic Christmas

Couldn't help but get 'em.


David Mann Chopperfest 2010

Just a few pics from today. We got lucky with the weather, sure was nice. Plenty of great bikes and people mixed in with the more typical biker nonsense, but overall a great showing and a good day with friends.