Old Mags for Troops

We're in the process of moving and I've got to purge some stuff. If you are currently deployed and would like a few old chopper mags, send me your APO/FPO address and we'll mail you some. Some will be real vintage stuff, some only a few years old. When we run out, we run out though, so no promises if we get flooded with requests. You can email me at bill@biltwellinc.com

Likewise if anyone has some vintage mags they want to donate, bring 'em by or mail them. I promise they won't get sold or kept. I always try to hook up deployed guys if they order something and I can tell it's going to the 'Stan or Iraq, now we'll just send you some 'til we run out. Don't worry OPSEC police, I won't publish anyones info.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool idea! I've been deployed and I can tell you, regardless of how old a mag is, when you're deployed it's always NEW to you!