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Twine Ball Run 2010

Yay, Kansas! Hopefully we made it there by now.
(I wrote this blog on Wed and post-dated it.)

Good News for International Customers

We've historically only shipped international orders on Fridays because we had to stand in in at the post office and blah, blah, blah. Well, we finally figured out how to do it another way and now we are shipping internationally via USPS every day of the work week. Of course the best way to get your stuff quick is to order from a dealer in your own country. You can check our International page for a full listing and hopefully find a local stockist.



Jason over at No School Choppers in cooking up the radness. Check these invaders that are in the works.


Hoka Hey!

We blogged a while back about JJ Phipps hitting the road and taking the Hoka Hey challenge. Well, he made it back in one piece and took the time to write up part one of his adventure. You can read it over on the Lowbrow site. It's a long read, but worth it, this an accomplishment of a lifetime for sure. Alaska is tops on my personal list for places I want to ride and seeing all these photos makes me want to go even more. Thanks for rocking the Biltwell merch on the ride, and for being an inspiration to all of us JJ.

No, that's not a really long butt crack

Kevin De Wolf suffered a gnarly herniated disc last year and after surgery and months of recovery was stoked to get back on his bike. His cousin snapped this pic of him riding to the Smoke Out West.

We rode about 900 miles on our rigid bobbers to and after the rally in Santa Rosa, NM that The Horse put on this year. We ride Biltwell helmets and I just put a set of the window bars on my bike (I get a lot of comments about them). The reason this photo is so good is that you can see my scar from having back surgery a few months ago. I got back on my bike as soon as possible.


Slab City Riot 2 Update

This thing is coming together!
Thanks to some new sponsors for jumping in with both feet. Trumpnut, Old Gold Garage Co., Kickstart Cycle Supply and Fastlane Tattoo. These people are into motorcycles and grass roots event and put their money where their mouth is, so support 'em!

A third band has been added to the mix. We're stoked to have Bricktop playing this year, they're riding out from Tucson and are going to kick your ass.

The music is going to be off the hook, starting with Shelby Cobra & The Mustangs. This is good solid outlaw country kinda music which will be a good way to get things started. They should be going on around sunset. You can preview some of their music on Facebook or buy it on iTunes. Bricktop comes on next and are guaranteed to add some energy to this deal in heavy doses.

Once you are good and loaded watch out for the freaks in ninja suits... The final band will be the New York Ninjas. From Orange County. Not the Orange County in New York or wherever that dumb chopper show was from, our Orange County. Solid punk rock and roll with a feverish stage presence, these guys are going to rule the Slabs.

Thanks to everyone who is pitching in on this, it's gonna be a barn burner for sure.


Two New Events

Just announced today, and NOT in California! We are stoked to sponsor both.

Support Grass Roots Events!

Vantastic Monday

Here's some Canadian Vantasticness from a recent Show n' Shine, sent in by Kurt Pascal. Thanks dude! The name "Vanimal" is inspiration for the Van Club me and BFJosh are starting. Inland Empire Vanimals. Watch out, we're going to fight dudes from Orange County with vans and it's gonna be sick. Of course, he's already in a club and I don't currently own a van, but...


Wolfgang Oil Mixer

August 5th / Jacksonville, FLA


Fine one from Finland

Joonas sends these pics of their freshly finished Softy using our Low Drag bars and the Stainless Seat Bracket. I spy an air cleaner from our friends over at Benchmark on there too.



That's this Sunday.

A Salt Weapon

Looking for a barn-fresh LSR Pre Unit? Wes over at Four Aces Cycle might just have what you need. Last run in '93 at El Mirage. Hit him up at at fouracescycle@aol.com



Sweet and simple new work from The Backstreet Bucket and it's for sale.

Doin' it Baja 8 of 8

I would ride with these guys again, anywhere, anytime.

¡Muchas gracias amigos!


New Helmet Colors Coming Soon

Seven nifty new colors will be in stock in under than a month. I think the flat Copper color is my new favorite, but that Primer Red is kind of neat too. Look closely at the Mega Flakes and you will notice a couple two-tone fade jobs. Black over Dark Stardust Silver and Wine over Sunburst Orange. We're doing a limited run of these Duo Tones and when they are gone, they're gone and we'll do something else on the next run.

Old Gold / DicE Party

Old Gold and DicE are joining forces this year for their 3rd annual open house. What does this mean to you? Nothing if you dont haul ass up to Ventura on Sunday Sept 5th(Labor Day weekend) Live music, food & drink, hotrods, customs and bikes are all welcome, priority parking for all of the above, loser parking for subcompacts way down the street.


Slab City Riot 2

We are grinding away at the logistics on this thing daily. Huge thanks to all the sponsors who have chipped in. There are more to come, just waiting on a few logos and such to show up.

You might notice we have an official beer sponsor on the flier now. Thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for kicking down the frosty cold adult beverages for your enjoyment!

Want to see some backstory on the land that time forgot? VBS has a couple of great edits about the Salton Sea that are worth checking out. It's really quite a bummer what a dump the place has turned into. Except that it makes for a rad place to host a chopper event!

We'll have more news to announce later in the week, but for now just know this: It's on and it's going to be a barn burner.


Vantastic Mooneyes

So BFJosh loaded up his Murder Van on Saturday and we cruised out to Irwindale Speedway to set up the night before so early Sunday morning wouldn't be so rough. We knocked that out pretty quickly and jammed down to Culver City to visit our friends Caleb and J.D. As luck would have it, fellow vanners Matt and Justina in the radical DicE van had just been invited to a triple feature van movie marathon over on Fairfax at the Silent Theater. Of course we vanned on over there after packing our guts with some killer Cuban food. I figured there was no way we could sit through six hours of van movies and Josh was hell bent on getting an early start in the morning. We caught the last half of "The Van" then had a free beer provided by the theater and settled in to watch "Mag Wheels" which I had never heard of but became a fan of quickly. It's basically Van Dudes vs. 4x4 Chicks, with some odd rough trade and skateboarding with knee socks thrown in. A load of popcorn then and we settled in with "The Super Van" which was basically a Barris commercial. Not bad, but the hypnotic sounds the solar-powered van gave off put me in a sleeper hold a couple times. Trucked on back to Duarte for a four hour nap and then back over to the track for a day in the heat. Mooneyes is more of a car event but there were some good bikes and plenty of our usual friends to sit around with. Even managed to sell a few things, though parasols and ice water would have sold better than seat brackets and sparkly helmets with a lot of this crowd. Thanks to everyone who came by, we always appreciate your support! Here's a few vans from around the parking lot. Sure there were bikes, but you'll see those on everyone else's blogs tonight or tomorrow. Oh yeah, there were lots of cars and racin' going on too.