Foundry Moto Rules!

So we are going and so should you!
Thanks Foundry Moto

Wed nights at Hensley's

with Joe Wood's band playin how can you go wrong



FLH owner for two days...


So I find a smokin' deal on a great 1970 FLH Thursday night.

Shake it down to and from work on Friday and discover what pure comfort really is.

Saturday my dad tells me he's in the market for a bike again, but it's got to be built for comfort, not chopper style, etc. Uh, dad you gotta see what I just dragged home.

Sunday, one look, and it's his. Damn! I almost had a cool bike. I'm gonna tidy a few things up and then it's his and he kindly agreed to sell it back to me for the same price if he ever decides he's over it. I'm just stoked to have my pops back on two wheels and look forward to some rides with him soon. Thanks Dad!




Long Beach Swap This Weekend!!!

Long Beach, Show Up!!!

Outdoor MX Rules

Guy B nails it.

This is why we ride in Mexico

El Diablo Run 2008 from Biltwell Inc. on Vimeo.
My favorite part of the EDR...

El Diablo Run 2008 from Biltwell Inc. on Vimeo.
11 minutes up the coast headed north out of Ensenada.

Shot by Keith Mulligan. (Camera zip tied to his bedroll.)


GK from Argentina sent these pics of his bike. His BMX influence is pretty noticeable, this little machine looks like it would be fun to ride ditches with, huh?


Helmets are back in stock!!!

Gold, Green, Blue, Red, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Silver, White, get one thru our dealer page while they last!!!


Vintage Cameras and New Bars

Ironic that a guy named Gray shoots such tidy black and white photos. I thought the recently built Flyrite looked great, and the images really showcased how nice the Keystone bars look. The square-framed shots were taken with a Yashica LM Twin Lens from 1956.

Thanks for sharing, Gray.

Last weekend


Cycle Cosmetics

Thanks Breanne!

History Lessons

Just when I was starting to lose faith in the Jockey Journal, 30-something pages of pure chopper goodness rises to the surface and rescues it from crappy cell-phone pics of marginal beaters. Jap bikes and Datsun mini trucks, pure period California of my childhood. Take the time and read, absorb the photos and eavesdrop on people who lived it. If it's your first time on the board, please spend some time lurking before posting, it's just better that way.


Come to the Chop Meet!!!

Help make your scene a better one by getting out and going this weekend. Help support the vendors that are there by buying something like one of these tail lights I got from Gabe at After Hours Choppers. Truly a bitchin design that you have to see in person. The Chop Meet is in Wrightwood CA at the MT High Ski lodge. See ya there!


The Chop Meet

We're gonna be up the mountain Thursday afternoon and there through the weekend to run the First Annual So Cal Chop Meet. Please excuse our lack of returned emails, phone calls etc for a couple days. We'll be back at it first thing Monday morning. If you are going to the event, make sure to stop by the Biltwell booth and introduce yourself to Tyler and his lovely wife from Lowbrow Customs. They'll be hocking our stuff and theirs under one tent. If you want to spot some prototype risers check out Duane Ballard's Honda chop or my black sportster. If you look close you might even spot a mega-ultra-performance-enhancing points cover proto on a bike or two. See you there!


Don't let mama drive the rig...

I don't know why the blog shows this video twice, but it doesn't matter. Just watch it.


Amphibious Beer Delivery Tank

Yes, I want this. Bad.



Separated at Birth?

Throw Rag has a new album out and the artwork shows a Tijuana tourist staple, the donkey cart, complete with donkey painted as a zebra. I haven't stopped in TJ on purpose since I spent a night in jail there in 1988 but I wonder if it's still there. According to =mike= it was there in 1996...

Rick's Bike

Trent over at Atomic Custom built this bike two years ago for a friend to ride on the EDR. It's been Rick's trusted daily rider ever since. Now it's for sale. For more info, contact Trent.

93" S&S, Andrews geared 4 speed, kick only, $15k FIRM

Trent Schara
Atomic Custom
505-281-2520 shop


Triumph Rebuild Video


Porn for motor geeks. Check out the new, revised, repackaged version of Wes White's Triumph Rebuild Video. You can buy one from Lowbrow Customs.


Spy Photos!

Driving through Corona, CA this morning on the way to the Hootenanny in OC, we saw an interesting Sportster blast through an intersection, and McGoo and I instantly looked at each other and said "Holy shit, is that the new XR1200 that is supposed to only be available in Europe?" Of course we gave chase and the dude wasn't real thrilled when I pointed my camera out the window and snapped a couple pics. His answer when I asked him when we would see it the good 'ol USA? "Soon" he said, obviously bummed that I was documenting the bike. Note the black gaffers tape over the tank logos. We didn't get a view of the other side to see the pipes, but man it was quiet. Sure is one BIG oil cooler! From what I've read in US dollars it would cost about 14k which sounds retarded to me, but what do I know? It does look like it might put the Sport back in Sportster...



Happy 4th of July

In celebration of our independence from high taxes and over-bearing governments (hey, maybe we need another one of these...) we here in America blow shit up every summer at back yard BBQ's. Since Southern California is one big tinder box and no one can be trusted with dangerous things like real fireworks we always have to go to Mexico to get the good stuff or in true Biltwell fashion, we'll just make it our damn selves. My favorite book as a kid was the Anarchists Cookbook. We made a lot of stupid things from the pages of that great manual. There's a related web site here, and somewhere online you can down load the book in PDF format, or better yet buy the book.

My favorite recipe for fireworks is simple. Buy as many Picolo Petes from the local Safe and Sane fireworks stand if you can even find one of those. Pull the plug out of one end and empty all the contents into a empty paper towel or toilet paper roll, with one end folded over and taped securely shut. Do this with as many PP's as you can afford. At least a dozen. Tamp the powder down in the tube and then insert a fuse from one of the Pete's and fold the top closed, making sure that there isn't any wasted space inside. The idea is to have the tube packed tight with powder. Then tape the whole thing up real nice with duct tape, obviously exposing the fuse. Light that baby and run. We put a 5 gallon paint bucket over one at a party down in Lakewood a few years ago and it shot that sucker about 100 feet in the air. Cool stuff, but it'll blow your face off so use a long fuse and don't throw them at anyone. Good luck!


Big and Annie’s new addition: definitely "Biltwell"

Baby Izabella Sinfrosa Castillo was born yesterday weighing in at 8 pounds 4oz and 21.5” long!
Congratulations guys she’s beautiful.

and Happy Birthday Annie!!!

My Goodness My Guinness!!!


Death wears Prada

California finally passed a decent law and it goes into effect today. No more cell phones while driving. This means you, Ms. Self-absorbed-teenage-beauty-queen-texter in the new Mustang!

Hopefully cops will spend more time hassling soccer moms than hassling me for turn signals.