Salt Flat Social

Pangea Andy and crew are throwing a party the night before Bonneville Speed Week starts and you should go!


Time Out For Fun!

Give the past the slip this Thursday night at Hollywood Park near LAX. SoCal bro's only need apply. Click the photo for more info. I'll be rolling with deep chopper posse around 6:30, just in time to catch a couple pony races and eat a hot dog before the spuds take the stage…

AMA Vintage Grand National

When Greaser Mike wasn't busting hot laps or hanging with Mert, he shot a bunch of photos at the 2010 AMA Vintage Grand Nationals. Check it.


Vantastic Monday

The most vantastic of them all. Miss it yet, Slim?


Desert Sled Goodness

So racing the T100 at Elsinore last month revealed the weakness of folding "C" pegs and mounts, when tested by a fat ass who likes to case jumps. Bellyaching about this over Pacificos in Baja with fellow Triumph dude Kit, he told me about some good "period correct" tech articles he snagged from some old Cycle World mags. True to his word, Kit delivered a day or two after getting back home. Here's a couple neat snippets, but if you want more, check my flickr set for more details on adding travel, lengthening swingarms, proper peg mounting, etc. Thanks Kit, this is pure goodness and I appreciate you spending the time to send 'em.


EZ Tech

We gets lots of questions about mounting stock HD controls on bars with no dimples. It's possible with the most modest of skills and tools. Our buddy Mike D. (the other, other one) came by last week and wanted to mount up some Trackers on his rocketship, so we busted it out and shot some how-to pics. There are a bunch of different ways to do this, but this seemed the most straightforward.


If it ain't rainin' we ain't trainin'

BFJosh & Co. left sunny So Cal yesterday to help the Malinky's work the Lowbrow Customs booth at the Smoke Out 11. Apparently it's a little wet out there. Kyle looks pretty stoked in this photo. Hope for clear skies tomorrow fellas!

Slab City Riot 2

Last year was a blast, so let's do it again.

It's free, it's a fun, you don't need a passport, and it's a great ride from Temecula if you feel like rolling out with us.

New Merch

We finally got off our butts and did a run of ladies shirts, and a slim-fit design for you less rotund fellas out there. These are super-buttery American Apparel units, so know your size in AA before you order. Thanks to Symphony Rose for making the new shirt look even better, and Mike D for getting his swolls on for the camera.


Calling all locals

Hey, looking for an easy Saturday deal? The Molochs MC are hosting their first annual Poker Run at Hard Hats in Temecula. Cold beers, bikini dunk tank, etc. They'll be raffling off a helmet, some free pinstriping, and plenty of other stuff.


Hoka Hey!

We got this pic and email from JJ Phipps recently. The Hoka Hey started a couple days ago, and looks like an insane challenge. Our buddy Big Ben is supposed to be on it too, and I can't wait to hear the stories. Good luck gents!

From JJ: "Here I am in Key West, Florida at the start of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge getting ready to ride 7000 plus miles to Homer, Alaska with only fourteen days to make it (June 20th - July 4th). No bagger for me, doing it on the Night Train. Myself, along with 999 other Harley-Davidson riders are competing for a $500,000.00 prize for first place. Second place gets a pat on the back and the sick feeling of almost winning half a million dollars. We are riding all back roads to Alaska, we have to sleep next to our bike every night - no hotels, and we will only be given the next leg of our route at each check point so none of us knows the entire route ahead of time. Win or lose this will be an adventure of a lifetime. Wish me luck."

Bastard Bash 2010

Bastard Bash III.
Ride your Sporty on Deal's Gap! Sportsters only. Check here for more details. Rob does a great job on this event and with QCB so we're stoked to support it.


The Philo Beddoe Family Reunion 2010

Support Grass Roots Events.

Our buddies Murray and Gabe are putting on this event: THE PHILO on August 6-7th up in Penryn, CA. Only $25 gets you two nights camping, dinner, breakfast and a handful of raffle tickets. Can't beat a deal like that! Nor Cal has the best roads, check this Pashnit link for a description of Mosquito Ridge.

That motorcycle was made for ridin' son!

Slimline Risers Back In Stock

Investment cast Stainless Slimline risers are back in stock.

More Dirt Moto

While on the Biltwell 500, several of us who had the luxury of bringing off road bikes in trailers or on trailer hitch set ups decided to head north to Rancho San Antonio Del Mar. The highlight of the trip was getting buzzed by a random dual engine airplane about 50 feet off the deck while we were bombing down the beach.

The low point was when we reached the end headed south and realized there was no passable way to get through without turning back. Jake from Bolts Action had borrowed McGoo's BMW. Unlimited torque was a bonus for him, but a feeble rear tire put him at a disadvantage in the loose and slippery rocks. We decided to turn around just in time as geography decided we'd had enough. Trying desperately not to high side into the incoming tide, I struggled with my venerable XR650L and it's weak rear tire. I buried it into the slick rocks over and over until I finally upshifted and second gear got me moving and on top again. For a minute there I thought I might have been walking out, but it all worked out fine. Jake somehow turned around and made it out unscathed.

I showed the guys a technical little trail down to a place we call "The Boot" 'cause of a cool rock formation that, you guessed it, looks like a boot. When the middle of nowhere isn't quite enough, The Boot is. It took just under 18 miles to get to RSADM, but about 50 to make it back since we took the long way and were lost about half the time. Thanks, Jake for sharing your pics.

I know some readers might be getting tired of the Baja posts, but we had so much fun down there I can't let it fade with a single "It was rad, we drank beer" blog post. We'll get back to outlaw choppers soon enough!


Vanagontastic Mondays

I've always hated on Vanagons but I'm starting to warm a little. Poached from GoWesty.


Doin it Baja 3 of 8

The third episode is out. This one is my favorite so far. It shows a little more riding and more skating. I keep thinking "how can this drag on for eight edits?" and then each one brings back some fun memories and I'm into it again.

Happy Father's Day

Here's to all you dads out there. Mine rules in so many ways. I can't wait to hang out with him today.


The Moeller Triathlon

Few guys can run it hard and make it look easy like our friend Chris Moeller. I'm going through about a thousand images and culling out the best shots for various uses but these three images of Chris are some of my early favorites. He literally got back from a China trip the night before, loaded up his trusty FXR and hit the road with us. This dude can shred the pool, catch as many waves as anyone and still be the last man standing around the firepit at the end of the night. The image of him skating is probably the only "peak action" shot I got the whole time. The one of him and Eddie riding together was snapped from the back of my bike by Haley "Chicago" who has obviously learned something from her friend Josh Kurpius. More to come...


Back Home!

Well, I think everyone made it back in the ol' US of A, mostly in one piece. I'll put a more detailed blog up later once we go through all the photos, but here's a couple in the meantime. Epic trip, huge thanks to everyone who came! If anyone has photos they want to share, hit me up at bill@biltwellinc.com.


Lowbrow Getdown

Hey! This weekend is the Lowbrow Getdown in Garrettsville, Ohio. Cliff diving at a quarry. Campground run by hippies. Big snakes. Cold beer. Old bikes. Hot rods. What next? This is going to be a good one so don't miss it.


Born Free Show 2010

The show was nothing short of historic. Lots of respect for the whole crew who pitched in to make this thing happen at such a high level. This is the most bikes of this quality I've ever seen in one place at the same time.

I was really stoked to see our friend Kim win "Best Competition" with his Fingertight Panhead. It's been a long 2.5 years and he's really showcased his talents with this machine and it paid off. The award came from Jeff of COC, so that's a solid compliment.

Our buddy Duane Ballard won best "Jap Bike" with the Pink Taco. Again, nice to see a good guy win. Old DB is going to need a dedicated trophy room pretty soon.

We're getting up early to head to Mexico, thanks to everyone who's got the balls to do it. It ain't for everyone. I think it's going to be a small crew that pulls it off, which is even better. Kinda reminds me of the first EDR. Lots of unknowns, which just adds to the fun. All I know is we've got a bunch of carne asada, cold beer, good friends and some dirt roads to bomb!

Chopper Helmet?

Brad Walker out at Ft. Rucker showed us what a true chopper helmet looked like.

Surf Report

2 of 8

Episode numero dos is out.


Hair Cooled Motorcycles

Walter made it in last night. His new wig is the awesomest. He came from Jersey, solo on the FXR. The primary is making some odd noise but seems to be holding together. Only got about another 3,500 miles to go Walt!

Biltwell Bass Buster

Marco from Lane Splitters sent us this pic of a 30lb bass he wrangled in his lucky Biltwell shirt. That thing is huge!


Local Dirt

The best part about this whole motorcycle thing is the friends we've met along the way. Events like the 500 bring 'em in from all over, so it's good to get a chance to spend some time with people we only get to see once or twice a year. I've ridden all over NYC and Baja with Rob, but never had him here in our slice of the world. I was giving him shit about leaving cameras behind and just having fun today, riding some local trails on dirt bikes. But we got to the top of this pretty gnarly trail and I had to take a cell-snappy. We had a blast, got wet, fell over once, caught a flat tire, chips and salsa. Now, where you at Walt?

Happy Birthday, Mr. Cash