More on New York!!!

Cause it Rules! Here are the rest of the pics I have from our trip out East. Pics don't do it justice and the guys we rode with were the best! Everyone from the T.I., Pat and D.C. crew, Kuda and Marcus Dairy to our now great friend Charlie, Fritz, Darren, Walter, FlatIron Mike, The IL Shop and 6th street Hugh, Works Eng Crew and Matchless Bar and the one and only Greaser Mike, Big Nick, Duane Ballard, I am missing too many names here but they are in the pics and Rulers!

Here is links to 2 sets of all the pics





2 Coolest shops in New York!

If you can find your way to New York you need to go to these 2 shops if you do nothing else! Indian Larry Legacy and Hugh's 6th Street Cycles. Here are a few pics and links to more. Thanks again to Paul and Keino for helping me make sure my tag stayed on my bike and Ally for helping us find a place to stay.

IL Legacy Shop Pics

Hugh's 6th St Cycles Shop Pics



Did I mention Bonneville

Ok so I'm behind but I will be posting pics of August and Sept trips over the next week. Here is the set from Bonneville with Wes and Chuck from Four Aces. Bonneville is amazing and everyone should go. Joel decided to come out and lend a hand and I bet he does next year too. Thanks again to Wes and Chuck for letting me tag along and help pit, you guys are top notch! Broken chains, blown primary covers, magnetos jumping out of the cases, blown head gaskets and finally 2 welded on carb manifolds completely broken completely off the head! One record and back to the garage to start getting ready for next year with a new plan. I can't wait! Only regret is Nugent played the night we got there and we did't find out til the next day!
Bonneville Pics

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Smokeout West or Bust?

This week the good people who organize the Horse Smokeout accepted our offer to sponsor the wet t-shirt contest at the Smokeout West In Cottonwood, AZ, this October. This is the second year in a row for this great event, and it'll mark the second time Biltwell has supported the hard-working working girls of the Canyon State. Here are some photos from last year's t-shirt contest to get you in the spirit:

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McGoo and the amateur winner of day one.

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Titties and beer. It doesn't get much better than that, does it gentlemen?

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This photo didn't look blurry when I took it. Was it the beer, or my camera?


Mooneyes Rod & Cycle Show

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The 16th Annual Mooneyes Rod and Custom Motorcycle Show is happening this December in Yokohama, Japan. Bill, Chris and I are scrounging for a reason and the money to attend this super cool event. If we can get our Japanese business ducks in a row by Halloween, we should be set on kill for the Mooneyes event. If you haven't heard of the Mooneyes event, check out their website here: http://www.mooneyes.co.jp/english/photo/hcs07/entry/


Dutch Treats

I went on European holiday the week before the Love to Hate Gypsies Run in NYC on August 23. My couch tourism took me to the mean streets of Amsterdam and the back streets of a sleepy hollow called Aarle Rixtel. The latter village was founded in the early 1600's, and is the home of a long-time friend and fellow chopper fanatic Paul DeJong. I delivered a new Biltwell helmet to our friend Paul, and at first he was skepticval about our helmet's one-size-fits-most capability. To prove my point, we strapped a shiny new lid on Paul's six-month-old son Boyd.

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Okay--so maybe the Biltwell helmet doesn't fit everyone. If you're a six-month-old baby biker, you probably need to sprout a few more teeth before you try to burn up the highway in a Biltwell lid.

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In other news from the Benelux, our friend Maurice (Flying Dutchman on the Jockey Journal) hung out with me at the 19th annual Fat BMX Jam in Aarle Rixtel. FATBMX.com is a website that Paul's brother Bart has been doing for years. Before the interweb, Fat BMX was one of the best BMX 'zines in the world. The BMX-obsessed guys at Biltwell count on Fat BMX to drop the hottest 411 on the 20-inch scene.

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This is Fat founder Bart DeJong hanging out with a Fat Jam spectator on the quiet streets of Aarle Rixtel. Those streets won't be quiet for long, however; Paul has been testing out his new helmet on his XL1000 Dutch chopper...

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Clearly, Paul DeJong is the king of American Iron in his revered homeland. Thanks for showing me such a good time, guys.

-- McGoo