Ellis Island

Did some full-on tourist stuff today.


Atomic Throwdown This Weekend

While everyone is celebrating the American Working Man this Labor Day weekend, we'll be partying like alcoholic extraterrestrials from Uranus at Trent Schara's legendary Atomic Throwdown. It's the fourth year for this Albuquerque tradition, and this year's nuclear-energized nightmare will be the most radioactive ever. Two years ago I verbally assaulted a mustachioed police officer in a drunken haze, likening his flavor saver to the cock broom on Freddie Mercury's mug. How I wasn't tazed for that transgression is anyone's guess, but I don't plan on flirting with disaster this year. See you in 'querque, bro!

DicE Party: Ventura, CA 9.5.09

Another DicE throwdown, this one in the land of fruits and nuts the same weekend as the Primer Nationals in Ventura, CA, Labor Day weekend. We can't attend this year (we'll be at Trent's Atomic Throwdown), but everyone else who chooses to imbibe with Matt and Dean are destined for a bloody good time.

So That's Where it Goes!

This is the best photo extant of our registration tube in action on a cool side mount license plate. The bike featured is Kim Boyle's latest build the Erwin 500. BCM crafted the license plate and taillight bracket by hand like he does most of the sexy gizmos on his creations. Thanks for the photo, KB.

Vantastic Monday

Sent in from alert reader Seamus Flynn. I don't remember those aliens in Star Wars? Thanks dude, may the force be with you...


Gypsy Run 3.0

Thanks to Walt and crew and everyone else who made this such a fun event.
I'll post up a full report later but for tonight here's a few random pics...


Brew Dude's Latest Creation

Steve "Brew Dude" Garn NEVER takes the easy way when he builds a custom bike, so it is particularly flattering to see our Solo Seat and welded seat hinge on his latest show-winning machine. Golden Deliverance is an H-D side-valve-powered motocross machine, which when you know Brew's roots and affinities—he's an old BMX salt and a hardcore dirt bike rider to the core—doesn't seem like such a crazy thing. I personally love the bikes Brew concocts in his North Carolina fab shop, because they always feature some kooky motocross part or inspiration from the sport's golden age. Thanks again for the love, Brew. Contact us directly when you need more parts. This old BMXer has designed a couple new Biltwell handlebars I think you'll dig (check out the Trackers and the Low Drags.)


The Biltwell Believer: SporsterMike

SportsterMike from Clovis, NM, appears to be a happy customer with his open face helmet and shock struts and what not. I met this guy on ChopCult.com, and I've been following his feedback on the forum and checking out his progress on the late-model Sporty in his garage for weeks. Thanks for the kind words and continued support, brother. If you need anything, drop us a line.


Long Day...

Wild day of getting lost all over Jersey and tearing through Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Thank God for some gracious friends out here for keeping us straight.

The Bowl Bash was in the coolest ancient building ever. More pics later.

Best meal in days, thanks GM.

Fixies and shants everywhere.

Rouser Rob does the Financial District.

Shot these for Oscar at Ground Zero.



Hittin' the Pipe

JC getting it done. Build a set yourself...


Working Overtime

We made it into Jersey this afternoon and linked up with Rebecca, Fredo, Rouser Rob and Sumo at Walt's shop, Kickstart Cycle Supply. So much going on there, it's crazy. Cool Beans Chris and Pete gave us the personal escort to the coffee shop for bike night and then Bada-Bing (Sopranos) and back to our hotel. Potholes, rain, crazy traffic, it's all part of the experience. The experience would have lasted a lot longer without a couple gracious hosts.

Walt's shop is a hundred-plus year old firehouse with more shovels than a gravediggers shed. Pure class, and and a flurry of activity as everyone thrashes to get bikes finished and ready for the Gypsy Run.

Our bikes are glad to be off the trailer.

Cool Beans Chris' bike has GOT to get finished.
It fired tonight and looks great. Bones is on the job!

Josh fitting some rear pegs on the Trumpet for Rebecca.

Fredo's bike is giving us fits, but we'll get it sorted in the morning.

Road fuel.

Tomorrow: get Fredo's bike going, find rain gear and hit The City.

FOB on ChopCult: Spartan's George Counes

George Counes of Spartan Frameworks is a long-time Friend of Biltwell, and we don't this association lightly. The man is a legend among framebuilders, military vets, road warriors AND party people, and that's a cycle around the bases of bikerdom not many people have made.

To learn more about the life and times of our friend George Counes, check out his profile on ChopCult this week.


Gypsy Bound

Well, we're close. It's late Tuesday night/Wed morning and the trailer queens have made as far as Hinkley, Ohio. So far only a single flat on the trailer for a hold up, and we got that fixed in about 15 minutes for $8.00. Josh, Mike, Nick and I have been trading off driving and made some pretty good time since we left Temecula about midnight on Sunday. We were far enough ahead of schedule that we detoured up to Tyler's Lowbrow Customs HQ in time for some firepit/pizza/beer action and a nice floor to crash on. It's nice to get out of the van and stretch, though we have had fun with biker movie marathon; CC Rider, Satan's Devils, Hell's Angels 69, I can't remember all of the bad old movies we've burned through but there's been a lot of Triumph's riding through the desert and broads traded for old motorcycles. We're bringing a big jug of George and Wendy's Bachanora homemade Mexican moonshine to liven things up. Tomorrow it's straight in to Jersey to start working on bikes and get ready to ride the wild thunder.