Eric's 78 xs650

This kid Eric showed up on the EDR and basically could have been the poster child for it. He gets it and decided that a pair of our Frisco bars and a seat pivot would fit his bike nicely. Now go jump in Lake Minnetonka ladies!


Josh Calvi's 61 triumph t110

Josh put one of our seat pivots on his bike and let me post these pics he took. His bike is a 61 triumph t110/t120 (t110 engine with bonnie 9-bolt head. Thanks for the pics Josh. Now get that thing done and we better see ya on the Love to Hate Ride in August!


Flyrite Choppers

Bill, McGoo and I had the chance to go by Flyrite Choppers in Austin Texas last week and see their shop. Jason and Whitneye are a class act and run a great place! Being from the midwest and now living in SoCal I miss the great food and Jason and Whitneye took us out for some of the best BBQ around. Flyrite makes some really nice bikes and their brake kits are the best in the business. McGoo's latest bike he rode on the EDR was in one of their frames. They are doing some casting and I'm sure will have even more great parts coming out soon. We are psyched that they are going to be doing some distributing and selling of our parts. If you're in the midwest or east of the Mississippi and need a seat hinge, exhaust kit or some bars give them a call and give them some business.


We got the runs


Our friends over at FasterMeaner are throwing a ride this summer. Details have been sorted out, and the route and schedule is shown on the attached flyer. Sean and Teagh from Fastermeaner.com, makers of the popular Four Aces Wes Triumph rebuild and soon-to-be-released "Day In The Sun" Bonneville videos.

For more info on Sean's 2007 Love to hate Run, please visit www.fastermeaner.com, or join the Jockey Journal and search the appropriate thread...



Jockey Journalist and El Diablo Run alumnus Dugzilla was so inspired by last month's EDR, he's launching a regional ride of his own. The Rogue Run is a hellride through America's heartland that will take bikeriders through Indy and a few other as-yet-unnamed locations in the Corn Belt. Biltwell is proud to be a sponsor of the innaugural Rogue Run, and God willing we'll be riding behind Dugzilla when he pulls out some time this summer. The Rogue Run home page is a work in progress with dates still unplublished, but all info will be posted on said site and/or the Jockey Journal, so keep your eyes peeled.

Exhaust Tip final samples

We got these in around EDR time and I finally got time to put some on my bike. I put 2 different ones on for the pic and to get a feel for which ones I like. I'm gonna put the Mohawks on cause thats what I had in mind from the start but I can see swapping them out alot. Tips have always been something I liked cause of their ease of installation and just a fun part. To me they give pipes a more finished look for sure. OK so I guess getting the tubing chromed or coated would help too and I will, but this is what they look like today. Slip them in the end of the pipe, drill a hole and put in a set screw or bolt to make sure they don't blow out the end when your riding and thats it. We should have these in stock for less than $50 a pair around mid July so check with us then. All the different designs are on our exhaust page so check'em out!


Thanks Max!!!

Ok so I love all the candy color paint stuff that has been so popular for the past few years and just hadn't had the right bike or piece or $ to get something done. I contacted Max Schaaf who has some pretty amazing bikes, kills it on a board and after seeing a paint job on a gas tank done for some friends I had to ask. So I've had this old Arthur Fulmer Helmet that I loved and he did a fantastic job with it. I love giving artistic expression to the artist and getting back a surprise and well this one was jaw dropping! I never could have come up with this design and it was perfect for the EDR. (Oh and the guy wearing it in the pic had the best bike on the ride in my opinion! and no its not me.) Thanks Max!!!