Exhaust Tip final samples

We got these in around EDR time and I finally got time to put some on my bike. I put 2 different ones on for the pic and to get a feel for which ones I like. I'm gonna put the Mohawks on cause thats what I had in mind from the start but I can see swapping them out alot. Tips have always been something I liked cause of their ease of installation and just a fun part. To me they give pipes a more finished look for sure. OK so I guess getting the tubing chromed or coated would help too and I will, but this is what they look like today. Slip them in the end of the pipe, drill a hole and put in a set screw or bolt to make sure they don't blow out the end when your riding and thats it. We should have these in stock for less than $50 a pair around mid July so check with us then. All the different designs are on our exhaust page so check'em out!

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