Its Never Fun!

Well my great friend Jason got in an accident this weekend and is lucky but will always have reminders. He is alive and thats the good part. He shattered his right arm and now has plates and some missing bone. Some other bumps and bruises but alive and in pain. The bike is probably totalled but we'll have to wait and see. Its the part of riding no one likes to think about but a very real reality. If you ride and it hasn't happend to you yet it most likely will, and if you have friends that ride you probably know someone or have friends that have been in accidents and if your lucky they are still alive to tell the tale. I have been lucky and have friends that were/are and weren't. (Mark will live on forever!) We're glad your alive Jason and next beer is on us!


BMX Freestyle? Trials?

This has to be the coolest video out there! We come from the early BMX Freestyle generation and this guy put a throttle to use to find lines that were not possible otherwise.


Attention Custom Pinstripers and Helmet Painters:

Biltwell helmets are scheduled to arrive in our warehouse on or before August first. We're getting lots of requests from early shoppers about pinstriping and other custom treatments. That's not the business we're getting into, but it is a business lots of you already have a handle on.

If you like painting helmets, but can't get a line on wholesale pricing for small lots (6- and 12-packs) of decent helmets for your business, we're here to help.

For more information on the Biltwell helmet program, please email chris@biltwellinc.com. Tell us you're a painter and send us your mailing address. We'll send you a copy of our full-color helmet program, a price sheet and some free stickers.

Our goal is to find a couple dozen badass painters from coast to coast who want to sell their custom-painted Biltwell helmets at local swap meets and online (eBay stores, message boards, etc.)

Our business standards for this program are pretty simple:

1) be a painter
2) commit to our minimum buy-in (it's WAY less than you think)
3) sell your finished goods for fair market value

We're thinking $100-$140 for silver and black custom-pinstriped helmets, and $140-$180 for metal flake models.

If this deal takes off, everyone wins: riders, painters and yeah, us.

You see, we're just too damned small to fill the pipeline for cool-looking, affordable open face novelty helmets by ourselves.

We need your help, and we're willing to help you make some extra bread for your time.

Write or call if you have any questions. We're ready to rock.

Thanks for your patience and support.


Wes' shop FOUR ACES

I needed some parts from Wes and haven't made it by his new shop location yet so I went last thursday. If you get a chance to do this you should its a great place with just a little more room than his old shop I guess you could say. Ok maybe alot more room and everyone knows more room equals more stuff! His shop's location is Four Aces Cycle Supply 12734 Branford St # 16 Pacoima, Ca 91331 Shop phone (818) 997-8321 Cell phone (818) 472-7313 http://www.fouracescycle.com/


Brooks Manbeck's Sporty

Here's some shots of Brooks sporty he is running our clubmans on. You may have seen Brooks on one of the EDR's on his Motoguzzi. He is a great photographer as well www.brooksmanbeck.com. Brooks is a self contained riding anywhere anytime kinda guy. Last year Brooks and 2 other friends left LA at midnight just to have breakfast at the grand canyon and then turn around and come home before even thinking about sleep! This sporty is his current project but he is already riding the piss out of it.


Teach's Swap Meet Pan

The bike was mainly built by Kevin Bass known to most as "Teach". He called up and was looking for a set of our Keystone bars. We're honored they ended up on his Pan. He is the High School shop teacher that has gained national acclaim for what he is doing with his class in Bloomington Minnesota. The initial mock up was done by Kevin in his shop, then brought it into school to have the students help to make any needed modifications/parts, and then tear down for paint. "We did the final assembly while we were doing the other class bike and I used this to teach them a litle about the history of the v-twin and to appreciate the vintage iron."
For more info on the class their website is
"Next year we will be doing another new custom build and my 1947 knucklehead as the vintage build.
Kevin Baas"

Eric Riech's Shovel

Eric sent us these pics of his bike with some Frisco bars on it. These bars are a little narrower than his old apes and will help Eric shoot down the sidewalks of Mexico a little easier. Good Luck!