Black Death

...is almost done. Waiting on some brake lines to show up and some help from TMS on Tuesday and then we'll see if this old roach will come back to life...


McGoo and I started wiring the sex panther today. Things have gone pretty smooth so far and Slab City 2 should be happening. Stay tuned.


Outlaw Pan

Just remember it's all been done before

Junkyard Dog

Rotting away at a scrap yard in Pacoima, CA...



Coolest van ever?!?!

Or maybe just worst pics ever! Think I was still drinkin' when I took these photos a few years ago at Pomona Swap but man, this thing still haunts my thoughts!


One of the nicest parts I've ever put on a motorcycle. The pieces snap together like a well-made firearm. Thanks, Kim & Pat.



Kundratic Kustoms Swap Meet

You don't want to miss this.
Ballsomemore, MD

500 Video

So stoked on this video and these guys.

Fun times at the Biltwell 500.


Trash Bar, Brooklyn NY

Time to party with the pros.

Some people watch football but...

...I prefer the swap.  Hit the 3 wheel motion into the LBC this AM with my publicist, Lisa Ballard, (http://theshinyside.blogspot.com/) and even though the turnout was a lil' light, still managed to score some goodies and see some cool stuff. Peep it:

Aint no fun if the homies can't have none...

Vantastic Monday (Early Edition)

1959 Econoline? Enter Arthur Radebaugh, commercial artist, airbrusher, original vanner. Check that antenna on the front! I always thought the first Econo was built in 1961. This one looks more like a Ford Thames 400E out of England. (Curiously it is a left hand drive though...) Either way, it's cool.


Loser Machine Chops & Rods

Thanks to Kosha & crew for putting on a good gig yesterday. It was a great excuse to ride down, have a burger and check out a pretty nice selection of cars and bikes.


Slab City Riot 2 Pre Party

For folks coming out to Temecula the Friday night before Slab City this year, we're going to gather up at Jul's Backyard BBQ in Old Town about 7:00PM. Last year we swamped Lumpy's trying to eat together with too many people, so grab dinner anywhere you choose and just meet for beers at Jul's. They've got good beer, lots of bike parking, fire pits, horse shoes and a relaxed vibe.

Then Saturday morning, roll out with the Wuss Ride crew from the Swing Inn around 10:00AM. The Biltwell crew is leaving a little earlier because we have some stuff to set up out there, so we'll just meet everyone out at the slabs.

Bands are ready, Mexican catering is locked on, the Whisky Bar is already fully stocked. There are rumors of a sponsored tattoo set-up, more on that later. The Coctagon is planned, bring your A-game, the prize is $500 for the last man standing. This battle of the bats is McGoo's baby and is sure to provide entertainment and more than a few bruises. Bands start immediately after the Coctagon winner is announced.

A bunch of people have asked if they can do or bring anything to help out. We appreciate the offer and the answer is yes, please bring firewood. If you've got a van or truck following you out, load as much wood in that sucker as you can. We're gonna have a giant bonfire and we are limited on four-wheeled vehicles. You can also help by posting this flier around on blogs and forums and by supporting the generous sponsors who pitched in to make this thing happen.


Iron Horse Magazine Halloween Bash

Iron Horse magazine and the Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NYC are throwing a Halloween hoedown on October 30 that Big Apple bro's don't want to miss. There will be live bands, good fun and plenty of chopper spooks and ghouls, so put on a costume and raise hell.


Killer Triumph

I love the stance on this bike.
See more of it's kind here: ACME


Street Chopper Time Capsules

Now here is something only Street Chopper Magazine could pull off since they have such a deep wealth of chopper gold buried in their archives. Check some of these old features from the 70's, complete with hand-written build sheets. Nice, big pics, shot with real film. Neat stuff JGH, thanks!

Backstreet Buckets

Backstreet Buckets is killing it again. 


Sex Panther Almost Ready to Prowl

I just got my scooter signed off by the CHP and she is 100% legit. Tearing it down right after I publish this blog. Follow my progress here.

Creepy the Cat

So we're in Joann's Fabrics store last night buying some white fur for the kid's van headliner and low and behold, we found the weirdest Halloween toy ever. Too bad it was $30 or I would have bought it. We must have watched it a dozen times and left the store laughing our asses off. On second thought, I may go back and buy it later today. Might look nice strapped on my bike for the  SCR2...


Road Trip!

Casa Grande, AZ
Home of meth, mullets, and some real nice motorcycles...Go figure

Swappin' and Choppin'

Josh and I hit the Pomona swap on Sunday. Even overcast and drizzling, the turnout was huge. Josh found some 'vette seats for his muscle van. I picked up a full set of polished aluminum hubcaps for the kid's van and these sweet "someday" tailights. I don't have a bike for them or the others already in the pile, but I have a fetish for old glass lenses and couldn't help it for five bucks a piece...