Another Lost Hero

This is a rough season for heroes. First Bud Ekins died on Oct 6th, now my personal favorite childhood hero finally wadded it up for good.

The finest showman in my lifetime, insane egomaniac, terrible motorcycle jumper, the world's worst wardrobe picker and demonic womanizer, Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel died today.

Like he said once before a jump, "You can only burn the nitro so long, before "Boom!" you're gonna blow up!"

Well, no shit Evel, thanks for sharing.

Here's to you and living your life the way you want.

Here's a great video:

And a link to Wikipedia's account of his history.

1st Throttle and High School

I got the first production sample throttle back and put it on Bill's 60 Panhead. It works pretty good but Bill needs to tri-flow that cable! Ha just playin Bill. I am pretty stoked on the sample but I think there are some minor changes we can do to trim it down some so off to Taiwan we go. Actually McGoo and I already booked our trip to Taiwan with a first layover in Japan for the MoonEyes show first so watch for those pics soon. The flight we booked on was like a high school field trip from Japan with no one on the flight over 30 or from the states. Pretty funny we felt like susbtitute teachers in the wrong country. Anyway here are some pics of the trhottle on Bills bike. Come to the david Mann show and I will have it there if you want to check it out. I won't have them production done and ready to sell for probably 4 more months or so but its pretty much dialed. Knee Hong Goga Maka Knee Mai Sin from Japan. Its phonetic doood, like I could spell in Japanese. Oh and here is a pic of McGoo in the airport.


David Mann Chopper Festival

We are going to be setting up a small booth at the Chopper Festival. I have been the last few years and its always a good show. Ventura is a great town with a cool downtown vibe and restaraunt/bar scene. I will be fresh off a plane from Taiwan and Japan (MoonEyes) so bring me Caffeine. First person to bring me a Mt Dew gets a free trucker cap.


¡Viva Crash!

Holy crap! There's a painter in Austin Texas named "Crash" and she recently bought up a small batch of lids. The first one of hers that I saw was great, but sort of traditional. The next one however, might be the craziest helmet paint I've ever seen. Check this baby out! Thanks to Matt over at Pipeworks for sending the pics.


Getting There

Here's a peek at the '60 Panhead I'm working on. It's a blast!


pan 11-20c


Mike is on the pipe!

Mike from DETOX out in Orlando has been having a good time selling Biltwell helmets and some of the other parts, but had never used the pipe kit. So, this weekend he got loaded and built a set. Nice job, Mike. Here's what he had to say about the experience.

After chopping the shit outta my orignal pipes, I decided to give it a go. YUP building my own pipes. I got a Biltwell exhaust kit and some Hollow Point tips off the shelf. Loaded up the welder and headed over to the Detox shop. I got going about 1:30 Saturday afternoon. It was pretty slow going being my first set. I also relocated my breather and spent some tip cleaning up the old clamp areas from the old pipes. After some great cut and welds it all went to shit. About 10 fender lizards showed up with opinions and you shoulda's. Everything from I got a tig welder at work, I know a guy with a tubing bender to whatever. Fuck man it was tough getting anything done. I worked 'til about 9:30 pm and called it a night... After a good night sleep I was back at it around noon Sunday. Seems I got further then I thought. Some sanding and grinding 2 threaded bungs welded in and I was headed for the trees. Yup I hung the pipes from a tree branch and high heated ' em! By 4:00pm I was able to get 'em mounted. Matt Z pounded the tips in and we called it a day!!!
Biltwell kits are great and highly recommended.

So several cases of beer and 2 days this is what I got.


Fuck This is Rad!

Ok I love bikes, from my bmx to my 1961 Panhead. Something about 2 wheels is cool in all too many ways. Its the first taste of freedom you get and the first mode of transportation thats worth anything more than the green machine you got when you were 4. It gives you a way to get off your block and see stuff you couldn't walk too and in a way only a bike can. Bikes give you so many ways of self expression from the fluid lines of a 60's goosenecked chop with a Freddie Hernandez front end to the beautifully mastered art that only a guy like Harpoon can spray. The bike I am posting here today gives me feelings of what I would want to ride like my bike when I was a kid. I could jump curbs ride down in the creek and make trails. Race my friends in the dirt and cruise all over town. This bike has been on my mind for awhile and I think this guy nailed it! Dual sports are getting super popular and they are realistic and honest in my opinion. This bike to me is self expression and freedom to ride where you wanna ride and go where you wanna go. Growing up can suck balls but this stuff makes it fun as Fuck!!!

*For more on the bike I stole pics of


Lick's Cycles

Licks is a new distributor of ours and kicking Ass! Check out their websites. A.J. over there has been hitting the Brit stuff pretty hard lately and set up his 06 Bonnie "Mixty Motions" with some trick stuff thats all available thru the Licks Brit Site.


Licks Brits

Roth Waterslide stickers

These are so Rad I had to post them. They are for sale if you go to the link at the bottom too. There are plenty more too these were just some of my favorites

Roth Waterslides


Seat Pan and Foam Kits are Here!!!

Check out the "Where To Buy" Button at the top of the page to get your hands on one. The pan is stamped from heavy gauge high-tensile steel and features ribs and indents for added rigidity and stiffness. The four threaded mounting bosses are welded into position and the entire seat pan is black electro plated for beauty and weatherproofing. The foam inside our upholstered solo seats is custom-molded, medium-density polyurethane padding—not a shapeless wedge of open-cell foam. What’s the difference? Ask your junk that question after a 150-mile ride. Our molded foam will hold its shape long after the cheap padding inside most solo seats has compressed into oblivion.

*Our vinyl covered versions will be available first of the year and Leather ones in the Spring.

Bud Ekins Memorial

I took this from the Bud Ekins site but go there and read it.

Bud is a hero who started racing on a Harley but came up on Matchless and most well known in his Triumph days. He won multiple Catalina Grand Prix's, the Big Bear and countless races every weekend and even represented The U.S. in the Olympics winning Gold. He is probably most noted for his stunt riding in "The Great Escape". He is the one doing the stunt for Steve McQueen jumping over the Barbed Wire Fence which some say is the best motorcycle stunt ever filmed. Bud passed on Oct 6. This memorial event pays tribute to Bud Ekins. A tough kid, a motorcycle racer, a stuntman and true American Legend.

Check out the Memorial here.


El Diablo Run Pre Runnin

We went down this past weekend for a little fun and Pre EDR scouting and good will. Everyone was great and we took Rob the Trucker an old friend of Bill's with us. He will be newly unemployed in April if all goes right so everyone should help him celebrate his new found lack of anything to get done for anyreason or anybody on the run.

Mexico rest stop and bathroom accomodation sponsored by the EDR and free to use for anyone anytime.

Locals here are super helpful and will not only tell you all the little secrets of how to make your trip easier but they post them up as well. Thanks San Felipe!!!

Reubans Camp Beachfront Palapas

Looks like a good place for an oval track too me!!!

Harold Invites YOU to come on The El Diablo Run!

Rob betting Hal in a little game of pool. Festivities for all!
Ensenada and whoever had this room last year kept quiet cause its the best view!

When you ride into town just head toward this Gargantuan Flag and you;ll find the hotel near by.

I think in Mexico they think Jesus was sacrificed to save Rock n Roll
For more on the El Diablo Run