1st Throttle and High School

I got the first production sample throttle back and put it on Bill's 60 Panhead. It works pretty good but Bill needs to tri-flow that cable! Ha just playin Bill. I am pretty stoked on the sample but I think there are some minor changes we can do to trim it down some so off to Taiwan we go. Actually McGoo and I already booked our trip to Taiwan with a first layover in Japan for the MoonEyes show first so watch for those pics soon. The flight we booked on was like a high school field trip from Japan with no one on the flight over 30 or from the states. Pretty funny we felt like susbtitute teachers in the wrong country. Anyway here are some pics of the trhottle on Bills bike. Come to the david Mann show and I will have it there if you want to check it out. I won't have them production done and ready to sell for probably 4 more months or so but its pretty much dialed. Knee Hong Goga Maka Knee Mai Sin from Japan. Its phonetic doood, like I could spell in Japanese. Oh and here is a pic of McGoo in the airport.

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