Fuck This is Rad!

Ok I love bikes, from my bmx to my 1961 Panhead. Something about 2 wheels is cool in all too many ways. Its the first taste of freedom you get and the first mode of transportation thats worth anything more than the green machine you got when you were 4. It gives you a way to get off your block and see stuff you couldn't walk too and in a way only a bike can. Bikes give you so many ways of self expression from the fluid lines of a 60's goosenecked chop with a Freddie Hernandez front end to the beautifully mastered art that only a guy like Harpoon can spray. The bike I am posting here today gives me feelings of what I would want to ride like my bike when I was a kid. I could jump curbs ride down in the creek and make trails. Race my friends in the dirt and cruise all over town. This bike has been on my mind for awhile and I think this guy nailed it! Dual sports are getting super popular and they are realistic and honest in my opinion. This bike to me is self expression and freedom to ride where you wanna ride and go where you wanna go. Growing up can suck balls but this stuff makes it fun as Fuck!!!

*For more on the bike I stole pics of

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