SpartanKiller Returns

With my workspace at the new Biltwell R&D shop mostly dialed in, today I finally picked up some steam on my sadly neglected SpartanKiller project. This thing has taken me four times longer to finish than any bike before it, and I have no real good reason for my procrastination.

Ryan the electrician is coming in next week to run 220v to my work space, and when he does I'll be able to weld on the mounting brackets for the custom oil bag Duane Ballard and I fabbed last fall.

One of the three tabs that will hold the stainless steel oil bag in position is this:

The space beneath the oil bag and the starter/tranny assembly is cramped, so our thin yet super-strong stainless-steel hinge fits perfectly. The frame's seat tube is the same radius as the bung, so tacking and finish welding should be snap.

If you've repurposed any Biltwell parts to perform another function on your motorcycle, send us photos. We'll feature your handiwork on daily scroll.

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