Invisible Children

We don't do many posts like this, but this one is important and close to home.

Chase Community Giving is giving away a million dollars to anyone of a 100 "small" charities over the next few days. The criteria for winning is merely the most supporting votes on Facebook.

A few friends of ours run an organization called Invisible Children here in San Diego and they are currently in second place with two days left.

None of the finalist charities in the contest are focused on supporting Haiti, so the team at Invisible Children has responded to this crisis with a commitment to allocate $100,000 of the winnings, to a Haitian relief fund.

Therefore, if you could please take 10 seconds to vote here, you would be supporting an amazing cause and supporting the relief efforts if they win in Haiti:

The voting ends Friday and they are currently in second place by 800 votes.


Paul said...

i didn't know you knew these guys! i still remember when they first made the film! it's awesome how far they've gone and are still going

Dave "2¢" Derelicto said...

Awesome, thanks for posting this!

dannyb278 said...

done and done.