First pipe kit on and almost ready for the EDR!!!

Ok so I put this exhaust together with my limited primitive tools and fairly quick. Its fun, frustrating, pretty simple and gives you ideas for other ways too. I kind of did these like this to show off the Exhaust Tips we are going to do which I will put on hopefully this week as soon as we get good pics of them. Kutty's bike and Max Schaaf's were kinda inspiration for this configuration. My welds are crap I didn't sleeve anything, I used a hack saw, home depot buzz box no gas, grinder and a chop saw on some. Not sure if I like them yet but they are growing on me. The carbs are too big! I need to get smaller ones but tht will have to wait til after the EDR!!!. Bill's bike is dialed and so is Hal's so I guess we're ready as we are gonna get. See ya in a couple days.

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