Growing Pains


Will miracles never cease? Biltwell exhaust kits and seat hinges are in stock. Biltwell handlebars (all styles and colors) should be in stock April 20. Jammer Cycle sells our pipe kits to local dealers, and should be willing to carry other stuff as it arrives. Our vendors have been mercilously slow to deliver first inventory. We screwed the pooch for showing any of it, but we're suckers for cool prototypes and we wanted to get our web site operational asap. Rookie maneuver--sorry for the tease.

Bottom line: everything we've created should be in stock by late summer, or so we've been told. Remember--our stuff is manufactured at approximately six different super skilled, really small job shops in Taiwan, so delays are inevitable.

Our growing pains have been monumental, but all of our friends, vendors, potential customers and dedicated end users have been SUPER understanding. We appreciate it, and we think you'll be as stoked as we are when the Biltwell parts and accessories you're looking for finally arrive.

In the mean time, here's a really short list of righteous retailers who have shown interest in selling Biltwell products:

Four Aces Cycle
Flyrite Choppers
Unit 1 (ebay store)

We talked to Wes at Four Aces and to Jason at Flyrite, and both guys said they're willing to give our stuff a shot. If you contact these retailers, you'll get the same or better customer service you'd get by calling us directly. That's because these guys have the customer service glitches we're still working on completely ironed out.

If you are a Custom Chrome or Jammer Cycle retailer, please contact your CCI/Jammer sales rep for exhaust kits—we shipped their first order today, so they will be in stock soon. Part# 632735

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.