Ma Deuce Paint Kicks Ass

I was on the fence about painting the Born Again bike. BFJosh told me about a local guy he'd seen on Craigslist called "Ma Deuce". Now, I like me some M2 50 caliber machine guns so I was into checking it out. After contacting Jimi, he drove out and looked at my tank and haggard fender and gave me a super reasonable quote. Since the price was right and he seemed like a straight up guy, I went for it. Today, he delivered the freshly squirted tins. All I told him was that I wanted black as the base and some sunset-fade kind of thing incorporated into whatever panels he wanted to do and the rest was up to him. He delivered, plus some. The quality is way better than the reasonable cost and even more importantly, he did it for the price we determined and in the time we agreed upon. He's not a helmet guy and he's not into flames, but if anyone wants a local painter that does what he says he will, Jimi might just be your new favorite painter. Thanks, Ma Deuce!



Jimi has a great reputation and is
a great guy.

Ron said...

Jimi's a good man with lots of skills and very generous to boot!