Long Beach

It was 70 degrees and clear skies. The Long beach swap is always a good day. Bill we all agreed had a great ride home I'm sure. I drove the truck and hauled everyones scraps. Yuriko sold her take offs and her bike should be up in about a month with special Thanks to Aki (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, sorry). Joel made a small amount of coin, and I spent more than enough for all of us. Oscar lost a bet but picked up some new tires so all wasn't lost. Wes picked up lunch and he is now all our best friend. Jeff still has the coolest quiver of bikes (48 Pan, a 45 and a 74 flathead and a bitchin Triumph).Thanks to everyone that came by and said hi and hung out with us. Here is a pic of what I brought home.

(Bill, poaching Chris' blog here... Long Beach was cool. Unloaded stuff, only bought a little this time. Yes, the ride home was great. Simply perfect weather. Even the ride to LBC was nice, if a little chilly. It's always cool to blast the freeways at 4:00 AM on a Sunday morning and see what they look like with no one else on them for a change! Thanks for lunch, Wes! Swapmeet happiness for me means, selling a bunch of stuff I don't need right now and even giving stuff away, and finding a lens that perfectly fit my old OG Sparto for a dollar. Six bucks in gas to find a one dollar tailight lens so I didn't have to try and make one. Pure swapmeet gold I tell ya! I made it back in time to finish shaping the seat foam on El Cheapo, shave the fork slider I bought this morning, and make more progress on the pipes. Even had time to sell a helmet to Bryan from Temecula and get a couple Newcastles in my head down at the Hat. Good day all around! PS: Oscar and Joel are fighting for Biltwell volunteer employee of the year already...)

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