New ways to get Biltwell stuff

We've been adding dealers and distributors at a pretty rapid pace these days. We'll update the Where to Buy as quickly as possible to help point you in the right direction. Good news for European buyers, W&W as well as our buddy Paul "The Coach" DeJong at Paul's Boutique are stockist now. Not everything has made it into their catalogs and websites yet, but it's worth a call to them before you pay high shipping prices from the USA. In the US, we've all bought something or another from J&P over the years and know what a slick operation they are. No helmets there but most hard parts are in stock. Also check out Tyler's site Lowbrow Customs. He's been hocking cool t-shirts and merch around the midwest and on the internet for a while now and just added the helmets to his line. Thanks Tyler and everyone else!

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