Sharing the Love

Sweet hook-ups are a staple in the action sports industries. Every cool BMX and skate company sponsors up-and-coming riders with free shit. It's a way to spread the word about their brand, and it improves the quality of the local scene.

BMX lifer and Midwest Cobra Scott Towne is one such brother. As you can see, Scott takes care of his friends in low places even if those friends don't have anything to do with BMX. Yes, that's a Four Aces Cycle sticker on the port side of Scott's FBM, and a Biltwell "deck-uhl" as they say in Great Britain on starboard. Scott rides a chopped CB550 in the Heartland when weather permits. When it doesn't, he rides his BMX bike at indoor parks in southern Michigan and northern Indiana. Scott is, as we like to say, "dual and silk." We wouldn't be surprised if there are some BMX stickers on his motorcycle. Thanks for sharing the love, Scott. Your Biltwell care package is on its way...

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