Paul's Chopper Boutique

Our Dutch brother-in-arms Paul "The Coach" DeJong of Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands is the second European distributor to climb aboard the Biltwell bandwagon. Paul's Boutique is a hardcore BMX and motocross boutique that Paul is diversifying into the chopper scene. The eclectic product mix is no accident: Paul personifies the new-school chopper dude like no one we know. He is a BMX pioneer in the Benelux and a hardcore enthusiast of dirt-bike riding and GP MX. When he's not grooming the same BMX trails he and his brother Bart built over 25 years ago, he's raising hell on his own custom-built Ironhead sporty. In short, Paul kicks ass. If you live in Europe and you're buying Biltwell products from the USA, STOP! Paul's Boutique and W&W in Germany both carry the complete range of Biltwell products.

Here's some recent photos of Paul's build. He's sending those KTM forks off to a MX suspension guru this week to shorten them nine inches or so. The Biltwell solo seat looks good on its new steed. Paul is still on the fence about which way to go with his tank: Frisco or lowboy. If you have any opinion on the matter, visit Paul's website

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