Auction for Courtney "Tito" Halowell

BIKE WORKS EDITOR STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP-- The editor of Bike Works recently had a stroke and can no longer work. Primedia hired him to produce truck magazines and he recently left the headquarters. When the current editor of Bike Works left they asked Courtney if he would produce Bike Works on a freelance basis, as a test, before taking him on full time. Courtney is a veteran rider, has a long history with motorcycle magazines and is well respected in the industry. Suddenly he was cut down with a stroke and could no longer work. Freelance stature didn't afford him company health benefits and his Cobra health plan was out of wack.

The auction itmes for Courtney "Tito" Halowell are up on ebay. There are several items donated by several companys across the US. Go and bid on the items and help a fellow biker out!

If you would like to donate items please email a photo of the item and description to:

Donations For Tito

Click the image below to view auction items!


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