Swap Meet Front Wheel

So i bought a front wheel last weekend to use on my bike sometimes just to change it up a bit from time to time. I wanted to see what I needed to do axle and spacer wise so I brought my bike into the shop and proceeded to pull my regular wheel off and. . .

Thanks Rob I still owe ya for beer. and help ? ? ?

Got the frame back and started cleaning up the exhaust. I need a new tank, looking for a wassel peanut type and or an OEM pan tank no tank shift mnts so if you gots either give me a shout. Taking some time but definitely will be ready in plenty of time for EDR! Still need to make an axle too. Hey Mcgoo there is a pile of crates of nuts and bolts in the warehouse that look like a bike could be made out of them donated by Rob! I like your enthusiasm!!!!

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