Rob's Triumph

A friend of ours Rob sent us a pic and stuff he has been doing on his Triumph project and I was stoked it looks Great!!! Good Job! Here is what he said has been done so far.
"1965 650 Trophy
6 inches of stretch on the hard tail
The neck is cut and raked
The bars are off an old BMW (the one I rode on last years EDR)
The grips are cut down Grand Tourismos
The headlight is from a 1918 Caddie. I bought it off the JJ. I pulled the old guts out and replaced them with new halogen internals.
I swapped out the forks (the old ones were long travel Yamaha) with shorter Honda ones. I shimmed them up to fit the trees and shaved down the legs.
The front wheel is a 19" spool I picked up at the LB swap meet.

Wes White did the motor.....enough said!

The tank is original GME. I shot the flat green paint and it was striped by a local guy in Santee named Rob Miller.
The seat pan is Kevin Bass, as is the spin on oil filter thing.
The rear fender is off a 70's Honda (weird, I know, but I liked the shape)
The tail light is an accessories light from a '30's era Harley (and it STILL works perfectly).
The rear wheel is a 16" Harley laced to a Triumph hub.
I'm running a cable from the handle bars to the rear brake so I won't have any foot controls at all. I heated up the shift lever, straightened it out, and welded a bolt to the end to accept a shift knob.

I still need to wire it up, which shouldn't be too hard since I'm running a Hunt mag, plumb the fuel and oil lines, and weld up a few more mounting brackets."

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