Get out and ride!

We tried getting a little ride together back in January and it seemed like as soon as I posted that blog it rained for a month straight. We're going to try again next Sunday, the 9th of March. We can meet up at 9:00AM at the Rolling Stop in Lake Elsinore. That's at the bottom of the East side of Ortega Highway. I've heard they have decent breakfast burritos, but unfortunately they don't open until 10:00 on Sundays so we'll have to find out some other time. I'd like to roll out at nine so be ready to rock. I've tried to put together a fun, twisty route that avoids congestion and freeways as much as possible which is kind of hard to do in So Cal! It looks like about 250 miles from point to point in Elsinore. The map and directions are here. There are no t-shirts, chase trucks or any of that nonsense, just consider it a good excuse to get out after such crappy weather and blow the carbon out. We'll probably hit the Roadhouse Tavern on the way back in. They serve ice-cold beer in giant mugs, are motorcycle friendly and only a mile or two south of the Ortega for anyone going back to the OC.

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