Something fun for the Chop Meet...

Another silly motorcycle project wasn't on my radar this year, but my friend Rob Warren had a CL450 basket case that was collecting dust in his garage, so he graciously volunteered it to me if I agreed to to do something with it.

I stared at the hulking mass for nearly four months before finding the gumption to get it started. This is where it stands after two very productive weeks.

The front end is off Bill's '97 XL Cheapo project. Bob at Temecula Motorcycle Repair bored the trees to accept the steer tube off the CL's original front end and viola! instant dirt tracker.

I'm very pleased with the wheel package that's going into this bike. The front wheel is a 19" take-off Indian rim laced to a Narrowglide Sporty front hub with stock caliper and some aftermarket disk my friend Kim had laying around. The rear wheel is still in progress, but it will have a powdercoated Excel 18" dirt bike rim with an early '70's CR250 drum rear hub. All wheel parts have been painted black to hide a multitude of nicks and sins.

The swingarm is an eBay find for nine dollars, and it might be the coolest part on the bike. I think it came off the same early '70's Honda dirt bike, but I can't remember. In any case, it needs to be narrowed 1" to fit on the CL450 frame. When the plastic arrives this week I'll post other photos... I bought a dirt tracker tank and fender from GP Glassworks in Wyoming. Mr. Lasiter is the king of this stuff, and what he sold me looks amazing.

-- McGoo

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