Gypsy Goes Down

No, Walter isn't helping Jersey Joe deliver a baby in the bushes, it just looks like that in the photo. Sounds like Joe went in a little hot and ended up in the ditch and his clutch perch took a good chunk out of his hip/side and tossed him around a bit.

If you don't know Joe "Scraper" personally, you might have seen him around here, I posted some pics of him jumping his Scrambler last month and his super-sanitary Trumpet won 2nd place at this year's EDR. He's a dedicated skater, motorcyclist to the bone, good big brother and all around solid dude so it sucks to see him giving birth in a ditch, but obviously it could have been worse so I guess we should be grateful. Joe, we appreciate you crash-testing that Biltwell helmet, but please don't do it any more! Heal up, son.

(I shot this pic of Joe last year as we rode through Jersey potholes. I thought it was ironic since he doesn't drink and I had no idea the sign was there, I was just pointing the camera backwards and shooting.)