Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas!

Whew! Great weekend at the DicE party in Vegas. These dudes know how to get it on, that's for sure. Thanks to Justina and the boys at DicE, and BMG for being such a good host. Both bars were great, hotel was cheap, everything worked out well. Quite a few neat bikes and even a couple parking lot stunts for entertainment. I poached a few of these pics off the Jockey Journal since I only took a couple, hope you guys don't mind.

Looks like someone blew an intake valve right behind this classy bike.

Maybe this thing IS cursed.

It was really cool to see our bars on a bike of this caliber.
Good to meet Hiro from Zero.

Eric getting a new neck bomb mermaid downtown. His XS ran perfectly the whole trip.

While not the best looking bike in the lot, my FXR ran awesome and didn't use a drop of oil. I'm falling in love with this thing the more I ride it.

AZ Nick's insane panhead. This thing is almost exactly as he found it. The trans locked in 4th gear sometime in the 70's and it got parked. Nick unearthed the filthy beast on Craiglsist thirty-some odd years later. He cleaned or replaced everything that held fluid, cut through the muck and polished up the chrome. It was well preserved under all that gunk and now he has one of the best examples of a 70's-era garage-built panhead chopper. Yes, he rode it to Vegas from Phoenix.

Foundry kicks ass. The green, flamed ironhead rules. Matt even donated the battery out of it Sunday morning to replace the one in Moeller's shovel. Thanks, dude!

How cool is it to see a whole row of Denver's Choppers? Hearing these things run is a treat.

Sunday looks like it was rad, riding through the Hoover Dam and Valley 'o Fire. Too bad we missed that, but we were working on bikes and then hauling ass home. Hey, are those Frisco bars?

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