The Patriot Act

New stainless Patriot Defender set up looks bitchin and there
is huge difference in volume with a simple cable-activated valve.

So, I labored over exhaust mods on the FXR. Everyone seems to run Supertrapps or Thunderheaders on these bikes, so of course I wanted something different. If I just wanted some style I could whip something up with our do it yourself kit, but this bike isn't about funky or old school, it's just about being a fun, fast and reliable all-around bike.

A couple weekends ago at LA Bike Week, our booth was sandwiched in next to Don and the Patriot Exhaust display. After watching him demo the quiet/loud performance of these pipes all day, I have to admit I was sold. Come to find out, he kinda wanted to try a set of the Dyna pipes on an FXR to see if they'd fit. Well, I know someone with a donor bike for that project!

I dropped the bike off last week and Don whipped up a set in no time. The Dyna set-up will work if you mildly trim the heat shields and reverse the stock mount and tweak it a little, only problem is the rear pipe blocks the trans filler hole. No big deal on my bike, but if Patriot was ever going to do an FXR-specific set up they'd change the rear pipe a little. No plans in the works for that as of yet, but we learned something, and that was the point of the whole exercise. Sadly, I brought the bike home in the rain in the back of the team van so I don't have any butt-dyno results to report yet. I can say the craftsmanship is absolutely first-rate. Also, having the ability to make the bike as quiet as a homely stocker early in the morning or when coming home late at night might improve my relationship with the neighbors. Thanks, Don!


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