I have a mentor in the bicycle business named Grant Peterson who calls any ride to anywhere that involves one night of camping and takes less than 24 hours a "sub-24 hour overnighter," or S24ON for short. 

Yesterday Bill and I embarked on an S24ON of his own creation that involved 400 miles of coastal stop-and-go, Harbor City semi dodging, broken batteries, punctured tires, pickled livers and shattered dreams. Joining us on the hell ride were our friends Joel Smith, Keith Mulligan, Jason Balls, Murray Baxter, Caleb Owen, Chris Huber, 74 Rich, EDRIII show winner JD and DicE Matt. One hour after Matt left the campground in Malibu Beach, our friend Chris Moeller showed up with more pork chops and plenty of firewood. Madness ruled the night, and the evening hit its crescendo when Chris jousted me to the ground in my sleeping bag with an 8-foot section of burning 4x4. It just wouldn't be a Biltwell party if someone didn't light himself on fire…

After finishing the last of what seemed like 6,394 beers, Chris holed up in the Leo Carillo campground shitter for a couple hours of shuteye before our 8:00 am departure this morning. 

Our posse had velocity, but everyone made it home safe and sound. Thanks to Chris Moeller for bringing the beer, Billdozer for doing all advance heavy lifting, and to all our friends for making the first Biltwell S24ON a huge success. We will do this more often, and you should, too.

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