Calendar: March 15th

Listen up, Dago crew, this from the Dublin Mob guys:

SUNDAY MARCH 15th is Paddy Ride 09. Meet for breakfast at The Harp in Ocean Beach(4935 Newport ave) at 9:00 AM.., then motor out to Dublin Mob Choppers compound (6306 Federal Blvd) where the BBQ and Bands kick off at 11:00 AM Once again the bands are the top notch Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, Cash'd Out, and Diablo Dimes.. not to mention Mob crew cookin up HODADS burgers all day long...,refeshments, raffels, loud music, It dont get no righter ! UND1SPUTED and HODADS sponsoring. Ride yer chop rod or custom and bring the family.

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