FXR UPR 2.0 update

Well, it's starting to look like a motorcycle. Not sure what kind of motorcycle exactly, but at least it's getting closer to rideable again. BF Josh gives me shit for picking an ugly bike like an FXR. The whole "polishing a turd" thing, you know? Well, I bought it because I've heard so many people say so much good stuff about them, and it seems to be at least partially true. It feels like a long wheelbase Sportster but with weird ergonomics. I think I got that sorted out with subtle seat mods and by lowering the rear slightly. It was a fun bike to ride before I started messing with it, and it should at least stop better once it's back together (added dual discs to the front). Once I get it looking a little less "Ride to Live" and beat the bugs out of it I really want to start some performance mods. That'll have to wait until after summer though, there is a lot of riding to be done in the next few months. As for the looks department, I'm still waiting to see how it shapes up off the lift before I decide if it's cool or not. I had no plan for this thing, no style to emulate. It's no traditional chopper that's for sure. It ain't brat style, and I'm not a big Pro Street fan. Whatever. Basically it's just a mash up of things I like. Relatively affordable. Relatively reliable. Superglide tank. Fork covers. Narrow glide. Non-essentials eliminated. Duane Ballard seat. Sparto. Mags. Circuit breakers. Black. Chrome. Stiff springs front and rear. Mid controls. It'll only get simpler as it evolves. Hopefully it evolves into a running motorcycle before the BASH, that's all I really care about at this point.

Duane kicks ass in so many ways. Another perfect job. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

yea, but doesn't bf josh ride a garbagewagon road king?

Unknown said...

can you show me your tank mounting? I am doing the same thing on my FXR. I have a plan but I figured it wouldnt hurt to see what some one else did.

Bill said...

Wow, digging back into some OLD stuff here Carlito! I don't really have detail photos of the tank mounting, but you can blow up some of the pics in this photo set and maybe see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/billdozer/sets/72157607918912530/

The back is just a simple tab with a bolt that screws into a threaded hole in the backbone gusset, between and forward of the stock rear mounts. The front is gusseted tabs meant to mount lights on an offroad race car. One on each side, hole drilled through the frame in that area and a bolt run through the whole deal. Hope that helps. Good luck.

Unknown said...

You get it where you can. I am sure you can relate.

I have never had to work with these square backbones, finding tanks that are accommodating are an interesting undertaking.

Thanks for the reply. That's pretty much what I have been doing is looking where I could on your pics, basically the same thing I was thinking. I guess if you have chopped one tank to fit something it wasn't meant to, you have done them all.