Portrait: Caleb Owens

We met Caleb of Cro Customs on the 2006 EDR and have been hooking up with him whenever we have a chance ever since.

There are a lot of guys who can build show quality bikes. There are also a lot of riders who can really hammer out the miles. Then there are the dudes who can really work on their own shit as well as everyone else's when the need arises. Not many of us can claim all of the above, but Caleb can. He's got some good stuff to look at in his well organized Flickr page. I poached his '06 EDR pics and made this slide show. Enjoy:


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Cap'n Cornhole said...

I saw that blue and creme Shovel in the horse years ago. One of my all time favs. The guy's got serious heart and gets mad respect around LTTP-ville. Much love.