The Marlboro Man

Much has been written about this Marine's story over the last few years. Accidental poster child wrestles hard with PTSD after Iraq. Somewhere along the way if the account I read was true, he got a little therapy from riding his motorcycle. Here's to you Miller, we're still proud of you and I hope you and everyone else who has seen what you have find some peace.
Happy Memorial Day

update: I found the original two-part story by the LA Times photog who took this photo and later tried to understand and help Miller. It's a long read and worth your time. Two Lives Blurred Together


Anonymous said...

We all need to make sure every single one of these men get the absolute best care and treatment when they come home.

Support our troops not only when they are in harms way, but when they are standing guard, and more importantly when they are home.

Rudder & Chris B. said...

i followed your recommendation & read the story...

bluke said...

This truly is a testament to the people who have served and what they need when they come home. Pikeville is just up the road from my house and He is definitely not the only one who is struggling or wounded after the war.
Very good read and I pray that all the soldiers get all of the help that they need.