Sacred Steel Knuck

So we had a chance to give up some parts for a TV show pilot about two shops building theme bikes against each other. I know, I know, how lame was all that stuff the first time around? But Cary is a Douche Laroucher and the guys at Sacred Steel Cycles aren't exactly those OCC clowns. 

We talked big plans of delivering the parts with a pony and a midget and all this funny stuff. In the end we just loaded them in Cary's truck and called it a day. The parts got auctioned off at a pre-filming party at their shop and that helped fund the build. 

The pipes were crafted with the Biltwell Builder's Pipe Kit and came out bitchin'. 

The shops were given themes of WW2 airplanes: SSC got the Corsair and the other dudes got a Japanese Zero. When will TV asshats realize that bike themes are retarded and just do a show where hot girls in short skirts build motorcycles while being hosed down with baby oil? Anyway, the SSC guys nailed a great looking bike without doing the whole over the top theme bike with machine guns and nonsense all over it. From what I hear the producers liked the antics at the shop enough to talk about some more projects together. Great, now the Douche Larouche is going to be famous, just what the world needs. 

Thanks for letting us pitch in guys, and next time I promise we'll bring the pony.


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Davidabl said...

I'd like to see the other guys' bike as well,
even though it doesn't have any Biltwell stuff onit.