Screw Rodeo Drive, I'll Take Grand Ave.

So there is this road on the west side of Lake Elsinore where you can find the most random stuff pushed to shoulder with a hand-drawn sign next to it. You can always count on a solid pre-70's pickup or two, a gaggle of decrepit camping trailers that are screaming for a refurb, an old rusty Virago or some other tasty must-have item of yard art on this little stretch of tarmac. Cruising this fine boulevard today, I slammed on the brakes and my kid said "Was that a Panhead?" Good eyes, youngun, you might turn out OK afterall. Of course we did a U-turn quicker than Bachanora gets you drunk and checked it out. '48 frame, STD cases, OG heads and the owner has the original cases too. Out of my price range for sure, but was startling to see a pan chained to the fence with a for sale sign. I shot the number in the photo, if you are interested, call Jeff. That's a 951 area code.

$2300. Negotiable.
I'm pretty sure it was a real Meyers too. Why do they tempt me? oh, why?

Sooooooo rad.

Finally! Something that I could afford.



Ryan in Riverside said...

That pan has been sitting there for a few weeks at least. Saw it while coming down the Ortega Hwy a few times.

Bill said...

For what he's askin' it'll probably sit there a while longer. Neat bike though.

waterunderthebridge said...

I know a guy who has one of those sand buggys in his garage. Who is "Meyers" I bet he would like to check out the history on it.

Bill said...

Bruce Meyers

Google: Meyers Manx

Baker said...

how much is the bike im to lazy to call the guy