Happy Father's Day and Trailer Life

Here's to all you dads out there. My dad has been the biggest inspiration in my life and is a fine example of humility and generosity mixed with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and exercise. He also wrote a cool book a couple years back that details how to stab someone in the neck with a ball-point pen. Check it out here: Amazon. Luckily, at 69 it's been a few years since pop's has been in a bar fight, but he still trains daily and rides his first year alternator shovel to work nearly every day.

Sorry for a lack of blogging on my part this past week, I've been busier being a dad than working. We borrowed my friend Erik's 24' 1964 Airstream trailer and camped at the beach all week. I cheated and sneaked back to work for a couple of the days but still managed to catch a few waves and do lots of relaxing with the family. Thanks Erik, that Land Yacht was awesome. I'm a notorious cheap ass so my family is used to sleeping in tents and vans. I think they are totally ruined now. Anyone got an old canned ham they wanna unload cheap? The Airstream was not hard to fall in love with, it's basically a giant panhead you can sleep in. Built in that mid-century style that I never get tired of. Thanks again Erik!

Drift a shovel? Restore a 45 year old trailer? Take your girlfriend? Third Ryke Erik has skills.

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