Pat's Sporty/new Low Drag Bars

Our friend Kim Boyle volunteered to do some fitment testing on the first of 4 new bar prototypes we received last week. These Low Drag bars feature 1/2-13 threaded bungs in the bottom of the 1" dimpled tubes to eliminate risers, and fit the stock width on H-D top triple clamps. The chrome plate is so good on these prototypes it got into the threads and made it difficult to install the hardware, but we talked to the factory last night and they're going to chase the threads after welding and plating to make sure it's a clean fit. Kim narrowed the bars 2" on each side to maintain the lean lanesplitter stance of Pat's bike, and it does look badass. Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen.

Pat's Ironhead, getting the Biltwell test mule treatment.


Wes Drelleshak Photography said...

I can't wait to see the final details of what Pat and Kim come up with.they always blow me away

Rob said...

one word... i am very jealous. plus three other words.